Most Effective Supplement(s) for Long Hours/Limited Food Intake?

Due to the nature of my job (food+beverage manager) I’m always running around and on my feet so more times than not it is tough for me to get a solid several meals in every day.

For example, a common day would be:
wake up-
post workout protein shake (

All this is usually completed by 10AM every day. After this, it’s a toss up meal-wise, depending on the work schedule and events that day. Hell, there are times where I won’t be able to eat a meal for 6-10 hours, so I throw an additional second protein shake in real quick during this time-frame to compensate for not being able to get a meal in until I can.

I know it’s not enough calories and I know I need more meals, but, wondering what I can supplement with during those long hours - I feel myself sometimes getting dragged down, tired, and recently workouts seem harder than normal. It sucks, but, it does come with the job I guess. Just trying to see how I can improve my supplemental nutrition to make sure no gains are being diminished.

Appreciate any help and advice - thank you.

A little more detail about your size (height, weight, fat level), training, and actual goal (fat loss, size, strength, etc) would help.

But in general, for sure either Mag-10 or Metabolic Drive would be the best drinks to go with.

It’s almost an either/or situation and neither is really a bad choice. Mag-10 might be more versatile since you can have it while you train instead (Metabolic Drive isn’t really ideal immediately post-workout because of the slower digesting protein it contains). Though Metabolic Drive can be tossed into a blender to pack in calories (with add-ins like milk, peanut butter, fruit, whatever) so that could be more filling if needed.

If you can, you might also think about some quick poppable food. A hard-boiled egg here or there, half-an orange there. As long as you keep a running tally of what you’re eating, and don’t use it an an excuse to mindlessly munch on an extra 2,000 calories a day, light grazing like that might be useful.

But when you do get to eat, eat. Lifters have thrived on 2-3 big meals a day for a long time, so don’t necessarily panic if you can’t get in 5-6 feedings as long as you’re still eating well when you do eat. This article talks more about that.

That is a great article and great insight as well Chris, thanks. Snacking throughout the day but also making sure I do eat well when I can for meals is something I’ll adopt and pay more attention to.

A little more info: I’m 5’11, 175lbs, fairly lean but unsure of fat level. Usually, I run some type of full body training regimen 3 days a week. I was never too big on split training because my gym days each week aren’t consistent if work gets a bit hectic, so I feel like full body I can cover everything and not have to worry about missing a body part. Couldn’t even tell you the last time I did splits. Off days are for some light gpp work, hitting the bag, walking, etc.

Primary goals are fat loss and strength, not size.

One of the 2000 ml Nalgene bottles filled with Mag-10 (four servings) has saved my day more times than I can remember.

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