Morning Fasted Cardio, Playing Soccer on V-Diet

I am planning on doing the V-Diet after the holidays and I just have a few questions.
I have been doing the fasted morning cardio with a scoop of MAG-10 spread out throughout the workout that you laid out in your Ultimate Cardio Solution Disclosed article. Would this be a good thing to do during the V-Diet?

My other question is that I currently play 50min soccer games twice a week and plan to do this on top of the training. Is there something I should be doing to prevent any negative effects from playing soccer?

Thank you for your help

  1. That should be fine, as long as these don’t become long duration cardio session. This would work too if using Mag-10: I’d drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day if adding the serving of Mag-10.

  2. Have Mag-10 during and drop the suggested NEPA on those days. Also, skip the semi-fasted cardio or conditioning on soccer days.

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