More Z-12 in Middle of the Night?

CS–maybe it’s because I’m an old fart but when I take Z-12 [three caps]to get some shut-eye, then about three to three and -one-half hours later when I get up to go to the head–bathroom for you non-USMC and Navy types–it takes me a couple of hours to get back to sleep unless I pop another capsule of Z-12. Is this unusual or typical for old farts like me?

how much longer do you sleep after that capsule?

Sometimes older folks do have more interrupted sleep patterns. However, <a href=""target=“new”>Z-12 is still actively working through most of the night. Most users certainly don’t have to take it again after being asleep for just a few hours.

What this could be however is something very natural: first sleep and second sleep. TC Luoma recently wrote an article on this little known, but perfectly natural, occurrence: <a href=""target=“new”>Fascinating Facts About Sleep

I think the problem is often that we wake up in the middle of the night, don’t get immediately sleepy again, and we panic: “I’m going to be a zombie if I don’t get to sleep soon!” Ironically, the worry and panic makes us release brain chemicals and hormones that keep us from getting back to sleep. Or at least it keeps us from relaxing again.

So, this may not be an issue related to Z-12 – you only need once before bed – but rather the anxiety over losing sleep, which, if TC is right (and he usually is) shouldn’t make you anxious at all and is actually how the body works naturally.

But of course the usual advice applies too: no caffeine 6-7 hours before bedtime, etc.

CS, no caffeine–don’t drink coffee or tea or soft drinks; Don’t think I’m anxious about not getting back to sleep, but don’t like the time it takes. Popping another Z-12 seems to work, though, and it is usually good for another two-and-one-half to three hours of sleep. And I didn’t mean to infer that there was a problem with Z-12. If I didn’t have to hit the head in the middle of the night, I doubt if there would be a problem, but then frequent nighttime visits also seems to go with being an old fart.

We’ve had a handful of people who prefer 4 capsules of Z-12 (though most stick to 2 or 3 as a standard dosage) so it’s fine to pop that extra capsule if needed.

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