More HSM Each Week?


Would this modification ruin the whole point of the diet?

I’m on day 5 of the V-Diet, and I’ve survived so far with no slip-ups. I have been having some problems with it though, that are making me consider a slight modification.

Pretty much, my problem is just really bothersome nausea and stomachaches… I don’t know whether this is psychological, a reaction to the thought of “Oh god not another shake…” in which case I should just suck it up and push onward.

This has persisted for the last few days though, so I’m wondering whether it’s a signal from my body that it just isn’t happy with this diet. I’m REALLY hesitant to make any modifications (although I am NOT using the HOT-ROX), but I have been wondering if maybe adding in a solid meal (with the exact same macro ratio and calorie count) in place of one or two shakes every few days (certainly not every day) and in addition to my regular HSM would be defeating the purpose of the diet?

Mostly, I am asking if sticking to an all-liquid supplement diet is somehow more beneficial to fat loss than if I were to take in the same nutrients and calories every once in a while using, say, a chicken breast, some vegetables, and a bit of olive oil for fat?

Obviously the shakes win when it comes to convenience but I am willing to make the effort to calculate and weigh the replacement meal. Would I be sabotaging my fat loss by doing this?

Thanks, and sorry if this has been asked before - I’m new and overwhelmed…


Are using Metabolic Drive as directed? I’m not seeing where you ordered a V-Diet? If not, that’s probably the issue.

If so, cut back on the flax a couple of days, then add half back in. Flax can be tricky for some folks. And make sure the flax is milled and stored in fridge, same with natural nut butter, or it can go rancid.

The downside of adding solid meals other than the weekly HSM is that you won’t get the cravings/habit changing effects of the V-Diet.


I’m not using Metabolic Drive - obviously that would be ideal but I just can’t afford it. I am using a low carb whey / casein mix though, so I am hoping the results are comparable. I have used this same product before (in lesser quantities) and never had a problem with it so I doubt that is the issue.

I think I will try cutting back on the flax. I went ahead and had a chicken breast and some broccoli in place of my two midday shakes and I feel much better but I clearly need a solution that doesn’t involve going off of the diet.

Anyway, I appreciate the quick and helpful response!


The V-Diet is designed to be done only with Metabolic Drive, which has many properties that allow it to be used many times per day. No guarantees with a discount protein.

For best results with the V-Diet, I suggest actually following the V-Diet. And please don’t post that my diet is giving you issues when you’re not doing my diet.

Always glad to help another company’s customers out though.


Hey now. I wasn’t saying your diet was giving me issues… I guess I had assumed that the V-Diet was the plan itself, the science and the ideas, not the products.

I found another similar thread to mine where you get touchy about this issue so I’m not going to push it - for all I know your product IS better… but still. If you’re trying to attract paying customers you might want to try a different tactic. And in any case, my latest shake with no flax caused me no problems at all, so for now I am happy with my brand. Thanks for your help and the entertainment. It’s always funny when someone gets pissed over nothing! :smiley:


Get the MB drive, you will not have any problems. Can you really blame him for getting pissed when you say you are doing it but are really not. Just suck it up and buy the proper supps. You will be glad you did.


[quote]ggold005 wrote:
Get the MB drive, you will not have any problems. Can you really blame him for getting pissed when you say you are doing it but are really not. Just suck it up and buy the proper supps. You will be glad you did. [/quote]

I dont really agree with the 1 HSM a week deal. I am an extremely disciplined dieter. I can get the exact amount of calories in a shake replaced by a HSM with no problem. If i knew that it was just to stop bad habits, i would of never depressed myself so much on this diet waiting till Sunday every week! to have one.