Mood on the V-Diet

Does anyone else NOT feel like crap? I find that while I’m mildly hungry sometimes, I feel like I could do more and just feel good that the fat has flown off. Also, after the workouts, I’m totally spent but I always do just a little bit more afterwards. Just stuff that is fun: recently it has been weighted dips/chinups supersets just short of failure sometimes a couple sets of rope triceps pushdowns/db curls after that. I thought I would be totally miserable and feel like a ball of crap, but I feel pretty good. Maybe it’s the HOT-ROX Extreme talking.

Many people report feeling very good on the V-Diet, with greatly improved mood. Healthy foods, even in mostly liquid form, can do that for you. Plus there’s a sense of “lightness” and energy than comes in week 3 and 4 for many.

Also, most overweight people are constantly jacking with their blood sugar levels and “crashing.” Particularly, the wrong carbs at the wrong times can lead to massive mood swings and energy level fluctuations. (I have a theory that “road rage” is actually “bad carb usage rage.”)

The V-Diet, for many, smooths that out. So even though it’s reduced-calorie and reduced-carb, most people feel pretty good on it. The body is being nourished, so that’s fine; it’s usually the mental stuff that’s hard as habits and behavior patterns are being forcibly removed.

I’m only on day 5 of a Velocity protocol diet (will call it that to placate Mr Shugart) and feel awesome.

I’ve just been out to lunch with my colleagues who had fish and chips or bison burger and chips. I had my second serving of HOT-ROX, some fish oil and a serving of fibresure beforehand and just a sparkling water at the restuarant. I honestly wasn’t bothered by the food and was looking forward to my shake back in the office.

I feel the lightness. I’m closing out week 3 and everything feels much easier even though I wasn’t fat to begin with (169lbs 5’9") now I’m 160 and I feel 100000 lbs lighters

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