Mono/Poly/Saturated Fat Breakdown



I had another post asking to replace flax and u said it was more about the fat I needed then anything else. So here’s my question about fats. I really want to understand them.

Im 187 pounds and the site states I need 42 grams of fat daily.

-Metabolic Drive - 3 grams of fat per shake, or 15 grams of fat per day. Im guessing thats monounsaturated?

-I take 5 Flameout per day. Fish oil is considered polyunsaturated right? 5 Flameouts are about 6.5 grams of fat,and what im supposed to take daily. Thats about 2750 of DHA, and 1100 EPA. 5500 FFA.

  • 1 serving of generic milled flax is 5 grams of fat mostly from polyunsaturated. I should have 4 servings per day which is mostly poly.

-1 serving Natural peanut butter is 16 grams of fat usually, 4 of which are saturated.

So normally the breakdown would be
Mono-27- 15 from drive, and 12 grams from NNB.
Poly-26 grams. 20(flax) + 6(Flameout)
saturated 4-from the NNB.

Total 57. Im sure I am messing up something. If so can you tell me what?

Also, so Im considering listening to your advice and buying the FA3 instead of the flax. If so how many should I take per day? 4 pills of FA3 is only 2.4 grams of fat, and flax should get me about 20 grams of fat per day per the diet guidelines. I’m a little over the 42 grams of fat recommendation. Should I cut something somewhere?


You’re way over-thinking the numbers. They are rough estimates used for only 28 days for a very specific diet plan. You don’t need to count anything on the V-Diet; just follow it.

That said, 2 to 4 servings of FA3 per day is fine if you’re replacing flax.