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Day 2 down, all “meals” according to plan.

I decided to have my Natural PB before practice today, in addition to 6g BCAA’s (I noticed Chad suggested this in another athlete’s thread).
I can’t say I had a lot of energy tonight, but that’s alright, I was able to practice well and workout after (though it wasn’t the best workout of my life).
When I got home I had an additional 6g of BCAA’s and my remaining meals, one of which I’m finishing as we speak.

I enjoyed a little crystal light juice throughout the day to get rid of the yucky protein aftertaste that seems to linger otherwise.

No Hunger or cravings to speak of today, pretty smooth.

26 more days to go, see you there!

Day 3 Complete!

Today went well, I didn’t succumb to any of the cravings I had (hamburger/choc chip cookies), even though my roommates decided to torture me with the smell of these delicious things wafting from the kitchen…

I noticed today that I sometimes forget how many shakes I’ve had during the day, so tomorrow I’m going to use a white board in the kitchen to keep track.

Energy levels for Volleyball tonight were good, I had my PB before practice as well as 6g BCAA’s before and after, maybe this is it…

One thing I have noticed is that I feel my Hand-eye coordination isn’t as good as it was before when i was “grazing” freely… but thats prolly just in my head.

25 more days! See you at the finish…

hey man, id pre mix all your portions and powders for the whole month.

this will mean that each morning you allocate you 5-6 portion containers/bags to one side and you can keep track of what youve had that day that way.

also it will mean that when you feel down/hungry/weak its one less hassle/rationalisation you have in your way to getting that hand to mouth consuption fix you might be needing to help you through.

eventually it will become second nature to think about your consumption and itll get much easier.

good luck!

Chutec, good thought, I’ll keep that in mind if I have any more problems, but I’m not sure my roommates would appreciate bags of protien all over. :smiley:

Day 4 down!

Today went well, I used the whiteboard to record my intake of scoops/bcaa’s/PB, worked out well, will keep with it for the rest of the diet.

Started thinking about my HSM I’m going to have on Sunday, I’m thinking a nice steak from the Keg. :slight_smile:

I can now really see what Chris has ALWAYS said, about not spreading yourself too thin with competitive sports etc while trying to do the V-DIET… I have noticed a drop in my overall play lately, but it is something Im willing to cope with, my peak performance right now isn’t that imperative. I am just looking forward to the increased speed/endurance and vertical jump that I will reap after my 28 days!

I encourage other athletes to try the V-DIET, but to heed Chris’ recommendation and do it exclusively, no practice/competition.

That being said I will not stop the V-DIET, as I feel like in the past I’ve always had an excuse for not reaching my goals… I’m determined to make it through this and I feel that when I do make it through this I will be stronger person because of it, and hopefully I can translate this extra toughness into other aspects of my life.

Until tomorrow fellow V-DIET’ers

24 more days!

Good luck man, keep at it.

Keep it up man. It will be worth it. I myself am seeing pretty good results after one week.

I’m two days behind you man keep it up you seem very motivated good luck to you

Zach, Pec and birdman, thanks for your support, seeing good stuff like this everyday helps keep me going!

Day 5, easily annihilated!

Today went pretty well, ended up having a low intensity volleyball practice (I totally forgot about it, lucky I was at the gym already), so I missed my BCAA’s and ended up having and extra scoop in my last two shakes to catch up on the serving quota.

Other than that today all I did was run a few errands and watch a whole bunch of sports on TV with some buddies. It felt really good to sit and relax with friends watching TV without eating chips or pounding candy/pop, even though the people around me were. It was awesome, no cravings at all, people offered, I declined, no thought about it, I just didn’t care to have any.

I also had a 1/2 can of diet pepsi today, for the first time since I started the VDIET… it wasn’t that good… which is super wierd for me to say because I drank alot of Diet pop before i started on the Vdiet. I wasn’t even interestd in finishing it, so I put it back in the fridge…

Tomorrow will be my first day this week for a workout only and no volleyball practice, so I’m looking forward to having a good intense workout…

I’m also looking ahead to Sunday, my Weigh-in and HSM. Making plans to go to The Keg, which should be blast, inviting friends and making kind of a party out of it…

Until tomorrow friends.

23 more days fellow V-DIET’ers! Stay strong!

Great work C! Do enjoy your HSM with friends. I’m planning on savoring mine one bite at a time. I cna’t believe how good peanut butter tastes!

Day 6 complete…

No major news to report today, everything smooth…

Looking forward to HSM tomorrow… almost as much as I’m looking forward to weighing in. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’ll be able to take/post measurements tomorrow as the clinic at school here is closed tomorrow I think, and they have the tape measure I usually use… if I can’t do them tomorrow, will get em done on monday.

Until tomorrow!

22 days remaining!

Alright, day 7!

Today is weigh-in, VBURN and HSM!

I tried the intermediate VBURN today, was tougher than I expected, it did reaffirm my thoughts that I had no cardio or core… :\

Completed it in 39:40… not exactly impressive, but I will do better next week.

WEEK 1 to WEEK 2 Weigh-in and measurements

Height 6ft
Week 1-2
Weight 278.8-267.6 LOSS 11.2 PDS

Neck 17-17
Shoulders 52-51.5 LOSS .5"
Chest Upper 47-46 LOSS 1"
Chest Lower 48-47 LOSS 1"
Waist Navel 44.5-43 LOSS 1.5"
Waist Largest 46-45 LOSS 1"
Hips at Largest 45-45
Upper Arm L 16-16
R 16-16
Upper Leg L 28-27.5 LOSS .5"
R 28-27.5 LOSS .5"
Lower Leg L 18.5-18 LOSS .5"
R 18.5 LOSS .5"
Ankle L 11-11
R 11-11

VBURN Intermediate time 39:40

Total Inch Loss: 6"
(loss of .5 on each leg = .5 total)

I’m pretty happy with the weight loss, I’m not sure how great the measurements are, I’m doing them myself and think they might be innacurate… o well!

Now for my HSM…

Until later today!

Well, there they are, I’m not sure I can see much of a difference in the pictures… o well, not that it matters… all that matters is start to finish!

Keep going friends!

Great job, canaduke! Keep up the good work.

Great progress man, 11.2 lbs! Wow. Good work! That is quite amazing.

Awesome week 1 results Canaduke :slight_smile: 11.2 lbs is definitely nothing to sneeze at!

How was that HSM? Heaven on a plate? My hubby teased me and said that it sounded like “food porn” when I was eating my first one!

Thanks for all the support folks!

HSM was pretty good, i ordered my NY striploin medium well… it came a little overdone… :\

I really thought that I would LOVE the food, but really the best part of the meal was not having to choke down a shake (yuck)… next week, I’m already thinking about shish Taouk with brown rice and potato… :smiley:

Nonetheless, a great day… didn’t have many shakes… only 3. Got up late had one then the VBURN, had one when i got home, went to early dinner, and having one now… might have another if I can (if I stay up late)… but I"m ready for bed!

Thanks for dropping by friends!

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