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My previous V-DIET experience for anyone who is interested.

Oh, I almost forgot.
I will be taking 2200 mg of BCAA’s daily in addition to the Biotest supplements. I saw months ago that Waterbury (I think!) recommended this to those who would be doing additional exercise outside of the V-DIET.

You’ll rock it this this time, no doubt. Keep us posted!

Supplements arrived today, I will start the VDIET tomorrow… I can’t wait, my “going out with a bang” before starting the diet will last all weekend if I don’t start till monday.

Stay tuned for Pictures/Measurements.

Hey bud. Good to hear that you’re doing it again. I did one starting March 28 (I’m just finishing week 7) and I went from 242 to 224 and have been pretty happy. Trying to get to 210; but I’m gonna wait till Sept for round two. I’m travelling a lot this summer and just want to relax. Anyways, looking forward to hearing your results.

Hey Ken thanks for stopping by, I’m glad things are going well… good luck with the rest of your transition. I was thinking that I’d buy another round of supplements for another V-DIET, and just have them sitting on hand at my house. This way I could make the rule… “If you eat poorly, you must V-DIET”. I feel like this would be a good incentive for me to eat clean :D.

Day 1.

Weight: 270 lbs

This time around I feel like I’m alot less motivated. That being said I still feel like I’m going to finish, as I now know I can do it, which I think is a positive and balances out the lack of motivation. I think I’m less motivated to “lose weight” this time, and more motivated to make lifestyle changes…this is a good thing. :slight_smile:

I have to say though… the l-Leucine is absolutely disgusting, it ruined my morning shakes when I mixed it in with the MD… The Superfood and milled flaxseed I can deal with. Later in the day I tried just shotgunning the whole leucine/superfood/flaxseed supplements in a glass of water as I’m drinking my shakes (just the Metabolic Drive) and I found this was a lot less painful for me. I don’t think this will impact the effectiveness of the supplements as I’m taking them at the same time as my shakes If anyone disagrees please let me know why.

Other than the gripes I had about the taste of the supplements today went very smoothly. Its easy to look up on the wall and see my diet laid out for me, and just whip it up when the time rolls around.

I did some touch rugby today for about 1hr, lots of walking/jogging and a little bit of sprinting. I really noticed how terrible my cardio is as it was my first time playing rugby since August… I’m sure that my aerobic and anaerobic capacity will improve with 20 pds gone from my waist, so I’m looking forward to that.

Today I looked to find some body fat calipers and one of those body measuring tapes (not the fabric ones you buy at Walmart), but I couldn’t find them. I will look again tomorrow morning, and whether I find them or not I will post my measurements. I feel like that sometimes the tightness of the measuring tape varies during my weeks on the VDIET so I want the most accurate measurements.

Thanks for reading, see you all tomorrow.

Day 2

Workout 1

Front Squat 205 lbs

Lat Pulldown 200 lbs

BARBELL (I don’t own DB’s heavy enough) 205lbs

BARBELL Ab-rollout (don’t own an abwheel) From Knees

[quote]canaduke wrote:
I have to say though… the l-Leucine is absolutely disgusting, it ruined my morning shakes when I mixed it in with the MD…[/quote]

I noticed it added a slight bitterness to my shakes, but I got used to it and can’t tell anymore.

Tried it on its own once and man, that stuff is worse taking it straight.

Day 2

Gonna make this short and sweet, its bedtime.

No problems really today, went out for dinner and drinks with friends tonight (and by dinner I mean a shake before I left and by drinks I mean plenty of water). This was a trying time, as I really wanted some good old fish and chips… instead I thought about how good my steak/sweet potato/salad is going to be at the end of the week.

Tech9, maybe I will get used to it, did you blend your shakes or just make them in a shaker cup??

Goodnight all, see you tomorrow.

Hello there my future not-so-fat volleyball friend! You’re gonna be a beast with all that weight off, much quicker and agile on the court! I wish you best of luck!

Day 3

I got one of those measurement devices at the local GNC as well as an accumeasure caliper set for bodyfat.

Height 6ft
Wt 270
Bodyfat 28%
Neck 17.25"
Shoulders 53.5
Chest Upper 47
Chest Lower 48
Hips 44.5
Upper Arm L 15.5
R 15.5
Upper Leg L 28.5
R 28.5
Lower Leg L 18
R 18
Ankle L 11.5
R 11.5

I measured my hips from my hipbone and approximately where I wear my pants.
I measured my upper leg about one hand above the top of the kneecap. I measured the lower leg one hand below the top of the kneecap.

The Upper arm was measured from the middle with the arm almost completely straight (not quite where the tri’s are flexing).

I’m still looking for my dang camera cord… I may have to use another camera…

You got this thing dude. Grind it out :slight_smile:

Day 3

All is done for today. I bought some of those “blender” style shaker cups with the little floating wisk’ish type thing in them from GNC. They are awesome, really breaks up the clumps of MD and Leucine in my shakes, can hardly tell the Leucine is there anymore.

Just enjoying my last shake of the evening. Going with stawberry to finish off the day. I’ll have to buy some small tupperware tomorrow as I work a 10hr shift tomorrow night (my first day at work on the vdiet).

I figure I’ll have my first shake soon after waking, and pack 3 more for work. I’ll have the 2nd about 30 mins into my shift, my 3rd about 3.5 hrs later, then the 4th 3 hrs later. My final one with the PB will be when I get home at around 2. :slight_smile: Exciting eh?

Until tomorrow…

Also, thanks to Matko and mog for stopping in, you guys are keeping me motivated, thanks!!!

Day 4

Workout 2

Step-up 135 LBS first 3, dropped to 45 for last 2. (I was using a barbell and my lower back started hurting a bunch b/c I had nowhere to put the bar down so I dropped the 45’s)


Bent-over row (barbell) 115 lbs
(I did an extra set, I guess I lost track.)

Push Press (barbell) 115 lbs

Barbell Curl 65 lbs

Reverse Crunch (on floor)

I have to say, by the time I got to the push press I was bagged. The push press nearly killed me, but it felt great. I rested for a few minutes to catch my breath after I finished and drank my Surge. I then did my NEPA (35 min walk in the forest). Now its off to work, I’ll post a quick blurb when I get home tonight, but not much because it will be pretty late.

Have a good evening…

Day 4

Finishing off the night with a little PB after my last shake. No problems today at work, no tiredness or hunger.

A good day! See you tomorrow…

Day 5

Kind of screwed things up a bit today. Was late for work this afternoon so I missed my second serving of HOT-ROX, as well as shake #2 and Flameout serving 2. I had shakes 3 and 4 at work, had number 2 when I got home and then number 5 really shortly thereafter. I was able to take in the daily calories I need, but I know the timing wasn’t good. Hopefully doesn’t screw me up too much.

For future, if anyone knows if Chris has mentioned, if you miss a shake, do you make it up later (assuming you must consume 2 shakes in 1 hr to make up for it) or do you just forget about it?

That’s all for today, take care…

Day 6

Good NEPA this morning, a nice walk before “breakfast”. Followed this up with shake #1 and about an hour later, workout number 3

Deadlift Wt 275lbs

Decline Machine Press Wt 170lbs

Lat Pulldown Wt 155lbs

Hand Walkout from knees

A good workout, the deadlifts were tough, my forearms were smashed and I had trouble holding onto the bar. This is probably because I bought some HeavyGrips last week and have been fooling around with them for the last few days. I still am not a fan of the hand walkouts, I feel it alot more in my Triceps and Shoulders more than my abs, but I got it done.

Had my Surge afterwards, shook it up in a shaker before my workout then poured that cup into a jug of cold water. Much less sugary taste when its that diluted, almost like crystal light…well almost.

Off to work after I finish shake 2,
A bientot!

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