Modifying the V-Diet: Is it Possible?

Hi all. Just read the ebook and thought that it sounded like a great program, but I’m limited in what I can eat and what I can do. To that end, can I do the following:

  • Keep doing my 5x5 routine. I use a friend’s home gym and he has limited equipment

  • keep the carbs down and increase the fat in the HSM, and eat some sweet potato + whey shake instead of Plazma? Can’t get Plazma where I live.

Thanks for reading and I’ll look forward to reading your replies.

Sweet potato and whey shakes are not going to provide the same training effect as Plazma. I’ve been trying to create my own DIY version of Plazma for 2 years now with no success. There’s nothing like Plazma and I don’t see how you’ll have the energy to work out without it.

I recommend testing your plan but know that it’s not Velocity. It could work for you though. In my opinion Velocity is an Advanced/Expert level diet and if you’re unable or unprepared to follow it as designed you’re better off with a different approach.

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Hi myklo, thanks for your reply. I suspeted as much. With regards to Plazma, how would it differentiate from a normal carb/protein source?

I’m always one for self experimentation, so I m ight give my ‘version’ a go and see where it takes me.

With Plazma the key is the cyclic dextrin. Hits the blood stream like a freight train and goes right to muscle. I always imagine Popeye eating spinach when I drink my Plazma.

Your sweet potato on the other hand has to go through the liver first and then gets dripped into the blood stream gradually. Great for sustained energy but not so much to power a workout and recovery.

If “normal carb/protein source” means whole food, this article explains it all.

If you have the equipment for a 5x5 routine, you have enough equipment to follow the V-Diet workouts. It’s not optimally effective to train for strength/size (5x5) while eating for fat loss (V-Diet). Recovery will become an issue.

Plazma is chartering a private jet from NY to California. Sweet potatoes and whey is taking a Greyhound bus from NY to California. Technically you end up in the same place, but it’s really not in the same ballpark.

Where’s that? Are you not just ordering the V-Diet package? It comes with a bag of Plazma.

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