Modified "Velocity Diet" - No Shakes, Just Food

Hi lads and lasses,

I have the velocity diet a go back in August 2015 prior to going to Ibiza and the results were amazing. Fast forward to March 2015 I was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour and had Neuro Surgery on the 29/04/2016. They managed to get up to 50% of the tumour, with the rest still remaining.

I am on a host of drugs; Tamoxifen,Nebido Testosterone,Levothyroxine and Hrdyocortisone. The tumour totally destroyed my pituitary gland and it’s function.

I am 23 years old and only 5 foot 1 (yes a short arse and I look like a wee boy lol) possibly the tumour had been slow growing and messed my growth up.

Here goes, I’m absolutley fed up with how my body looks at the moment- before the tumour became known I was in pretty good shape.

I’m doing a diet similar to Velocity but with food. My calories are going to be 900 per day
Morning sachet of oats with 30g scoop protein powder

Dinner 150g-300 chicken with vegetables or tuna and salad

Evening meal- 150-300g depending on afternoon meal with salad/vegetables

Weight training X4 times a week
Cardio X5 times a week
NEPA Walks X2 times a week

Uploaded some photos with Monday 17th July being the start of this- plan to run this until 19th August when I become a Godfather to my best friends child-have a few beers then back on until 7th September.

Please wish me luck, will keep you guys posted


Sorry many, but your plan is not at all similar to the V-Diet.

You’re on lower calories and lower protein. That’s a one-two punch that sets up muscle loss, not fat loss. The lack of a specific daily HSM bypasses the benefits of learning how to prepare good food and re-calibrate a taste for healthful foods, and the focus on whole food meals instead of “4 shakes and an HSM” brings an element of thinking. The auto-pilot of the V-Diet builds habit and helps consistency by minimizing variables.

The weights and cardio are more than recommended. Combine more training with lower daily calories and you’re headed for trouble really fast. Also, NEPA walks should be every day.

Long story short, it’s great that you want to drop fat especially after all you’ve been through, but this is a pretty terrible plan you’ve sorted out.

Thanks for your input Chris- I get your point. I’m going to power through this. I will post my results after 28 days.

Wish me luck

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