Modified Velocity Diet During Pec Repair?

Hello All,

I ruptured my pec tendon over Christmas break (Merry Christmas). I’ve seen an orthopedic surgeon and will get an MRI next week. If the doc feels that the tear is worth repairing (extent of the tear, if the tendon is attached to the muscle), he wants to have the surgery in the next two weeks. I’ll be immobilized in a sling for 4-6 weeks. I don’t yet know how much I’ll be able to do in the weeks after the surgery, but I’m sure it won’t be a ton (maybe walks, some lower body work, left arm work, etc.)

I’m thinking about following the Velocity Diet minus the stimulants and minus the Plazma until I’m out of the sling and able to train harder. So, I’d have the Metabolic Drive shakes and the health meal during the week.

I’m worried about those weeks in the sling. I am wired to pack on the pounds if I’m not training regularly, and I thought the Velocity diet might be a good choice to help me keep my weight in check. However, I wonder if the restricted calories of the diet would hamper my recovery.

Thanks in advance.

I’d suggest a more moderate approach, using <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive and/or <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10. Not exactly the V-Diet, just replacing a few meals with Metabolic Drive to control calories, keep carbs in check and keep protein intake high.

Mag-10 could also be used as it’s the best muscle preservation agent out there. Have a pulse or two per day, between meals.

BTW, the new Velocity Diet has a healthy solid meal per day. You can get the ebook for free here:

I had a torn labrum repaired last year. I did the classic V-diet with 5 shakes and surge recovery right up to 48 hours before surgery. I swapped front squat for back squat and all pushes with pulls for the workouts. I lost 11 lbs of fat and had the rebound effect through the surgery and recovery.

My only physical activity was physical therapy and walking around at work. After 30 days I just did weighted vest split squats, lunges leg extensions curls and abs for another 60 days. Nothing special with supplements just a shake around workouts. When I could get under the bar I went to 5/3/1 boring but big with Plazma and got hooked especially with I3G.
The muscle came back better for me with vastly improved range of motion in squats and my deadlift no longer had chiropractors shopping for new luxury cars.

Just my experience. There was no way with the pain meds and random nap attacks I could have done the V-diet during recovery. I also want extra calories/ nutrients going to the surgery location. I gained only 3 lbs during the 90 days from the surgery and strength was back at pre surgery levels in 6 months and at or above all time highs 14 months later.
Planning and persistence were key to me.

Chris and Romeo,

Thanks for the responses. I think you’re right and the V-Diet would be too extreme during recovery. I’ll use a combination of Metabolic Drive shakes, MAG-10, and whole food to keep my carbohydrates in check.

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