Modified V-Diet - Update

Hi Chris,

To refresh I’m on the mod version- 1 HSM daily- rest shakes.

I’ve lost 7.5lbs - At first I was a lil bummed, but since that’s more than I’ve lost in 6 months, I decided a "happy dance " was in order lol

Question- Since I am on the 1 HSM daily trip, is there any reason I can’t extend this out for another 2 weeks or so? My 6 weeks ends on 03/10/2013.

Incidentally- I noticed that the foot cramps I used to wake up with every day for the last year stopped about a week after the V-Diet.

Yes, with the modified plan it’s okay to do this for as long as you’d like. Just make sure that healthy solid meal is well-rounded with plenty of veggies, fiber, a variety of good fats etc. If you’re worried about missing any essential fats or nutrients from fruits and vegetables, just use Flameout and Superfood if you’re not already.




Yes I am on Flameout, Superfood and HOT-ROX - reordered today actually.

Even got my mom on Superfood (she’s really sick) and she LOVES it. I cannot get her to eat, but she actually drinks the Superfood without a quarrel. And get this, she likes the way it tastes lol.

I know that you explained I can do this mod version indefinitely, but do you suggest seguing into anything else?

I promise I’ll actually follow whatever you suggest, rather than try to reinvent the wheel.


Glad to hear about your mom. I put my own on Superfood and Flameout. Good foundational nutrition for anyone.

Many V-Dieters have gone from the V-Diet or modded V-Diet to Indigo-3G and multiple solid meal daily. Indigo basically fixes your physiology up so you can eat more carbs and build muscle without the extra nutrients all going to fat storage. I think that’s the perfect segue, and it’s what I did myself basically. So, you add back in clean carbs (I suggest no wheat-based carbs) and focus on building muscle now that the V-Diet has helped you lean out. It’s usually better to lose fat first before doing a “mass” phase so Indigo works very well for that, and people usually lose more fat anyway as Indigo does its thing.

I also like a protein pulsing approach where you have MAG-10 protein pulses throughout the day, then 1 or 2 solid meals.

Ok, I will do the indigo program two weeks from now. I’ll read up on it before I ask you a million questions.
Guess after that I will do the MAG-10, It’s great that I’ll be basically mapped out for the next 12-14 weeks.
I’m still round, about the only thing lean about me are my fingers lmao.

Just want to confirm I understood- Indigo is still good for butterballs right? And I can take that 2 weeks with HOT-ROX and the remainder weeks with seven ( I remember you advised me to cycle HX with seven after 8-12 weeks)

You can take Indigo and HOT-ROX (or Se7en) at the same time, but I don’t think it’s necessary since Indigo is already helping with fat loss. Here’s the original write-up on it that gets into the details when you need them:

<a href=""target=“new”>Original Indigo-3G Article

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