Moderation is for Sissies - Transforming Lives


Hey all,

My wife and I started the V-Diet on Saturday, which makes today Day 4. So far we have been through some gut-check moments where the thought of food was almost overwhelming, but we’ve undertaken this project with the main goal of establishing discipline to follow the damn program and not cheat, not skip a workout, and basically do as we’re told.

That said, we have broken one of the cardinal rules and we’re using a different protein powder as the Metabolic Drive is just two expensive for us here in Australia. Basically, to get all the Biotest supps as well as the Metabolic Drive was going to cost us $1800 for the month for the two of us. Instead, we got all the supps and I’ve ordered Musclepharm Combat Powder as the macros look pretty similar to Metabolic Drive and has been given permission to ship it to Australia at US prices (protein here is extremely expensive and generally can’t import it as it’s a dairy product.)

Until that arrives, we’re using a combination of whey and casein to try to simulate the Metabolic Drive as much as possible. I know we’re supposed to man up and buy the Metabolic Drive, but realistically we just didn’t have the money. In good news, despite HOT-ROX Extreme being… less than legal… here, I’ve managed to find someone who has got it in, so at least we’re doing everything else right.

I’ll probably go into more detail in the next post about how we got to this point, but I’m late for my walk so I’ll just give a progress report.

Day 1 - Starting Measurements (just the major ones)

Height - 191cm / 6’3"
Weight - 135kg / 297lbs (I’m an outlier)
Waist at navel - 125cm / 50"
Hips - 126.5cm / 50.6"
Thighs (together) - 117cm / 46.8"
Upper Arm (right) - 45cm / 18"
Chest - 132cm / 52.8"
BF% - Unsure. Guessing around 35%

Weight - 64.5kg / 141.9lbs
Waist at navel - 92.5cm / 37"
Hips - 108cm / 43.2"
Thighs (together) - 61cm / 24.4"
Upper Arm (right) - 33cm / 13.2"
Chest - 89cm / 35.6"


Currently on the morning of Day 4 and we’ve got through what we expect to be the hardest part of the cravings because things seemed a lot easier yesterday than they did on the first two days. Results wise… as of this morning, I have lost 4.5kg / 10lbs! My wife is also down 1.5kg / 3.3lbs in 3 days!

Anyway, we’re stoked with the results and I’m about to head off for my NEPA walk to get some more!