MMA Gladiator V-Diet Log

Hello, my name is Marc. I’m 42 yrs old and live in South Carolina. I’m an avid MMA fan. As a hobby I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Combat Submission Wrestling, and Muay Thai. I’m going to give the V-Diet a shot in order to hopefully shed some unwanted body fat.

I will post my body measurements later, but as a starting point here is my base line numbers with regard to my weight/BF%. I have a body composition scale that I use as a basis of measurement rather then the gospel truth. With that said here is my beginning numbers:

Body Weight - 205.4lbs
BF% - 27.1%
Body Water Percentage - 51.7%
Visceral Fat Level - 12

Here is my V-Diet Log for 2/24/2016
8a Protein Shake + 2 Scoops of Super Food, Flameout x 2
1130a Protein Shake, Flameout x 2
130p Pre-Workout: Plazma x 1
200p Workout: Surge Workout x 1
330p Protein Shake (2:1 Carb/Protein Ratio), Flameout x 2
800p 6oz Baked Chiken Wings, Flameout x 2

Daily Macros: P - 179g, C - 209g, F - 51g


Power Cleans: 3x115, 3x145, 4x2x175, 1x185, 1x195
Bench Press: 3x185, 3x215, 4x2x230, 1x245, 1x255
Snatch Grip Sweep Deadlift (Short Green Band): 4x5x275

20-Min AMRAP - The Warrior Complex
Do 5 reps per exercise and switch implement each round.
A. Front Squat
B. Hang Clean
C. Push-ups
D. Lunges
E. High Pulls
A. Barbell @ 75lbs
B. 2 Kettlebells @ 35lbs eac
C. Sandbag @ 70lbs
SCORE = 7 circuits completed.

How was this first day of the V-Diet? Should I tweak my macros to lower my carbs? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thx

Hiya Marc. Sounds like you are on top of your game.Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Back to the grind. I came down with a stomach bug at the end of last week, thus there was nothing to report with respect to my progress.

2/29/2016 - Workout:
Squats - 1x5 @ 275, 4x3 @ 345, 375, 415, 445
Snatch Grip Sweep Deadlift - 4x5 @ 275 ss KB Shrugs - 4x8 @ 62s
Pull-ups - 3x3 ss Bent Over Rows - 3x6 @ 165
Bench Press - 3x8 @ 196 ss Plyo Push-ups - 3x3
Sit-ups 2x20
Leg Raises - 2x15
EMOM - 3 Shoulder Sandbag Squats, RAT - Double Unders
***Keep doing until 200 Double Unders is reached
***SCORE = 10 Rounds

2/29/2016 Nutrition Log:
11a - Proteing Shake, 2 Scoops Super Food, 3 Caps Res-V, 2 Caps Rhodilia, 2 Caps Flameout, and a test booster.
2p - 1 Plazma
230p - 2 Surge Workout
4p - Post Workout Protein Shake, 2 Caps Flameout
5p - 2 Caps Rhodilia
730p - 6oz Chicken Breast, 1/4 cup White Rice, 2 Caps Flameout

Daily Macros = P-139g, C-238g, F-42g

3/1/2016 Actifity Log:
1030a BJJ Training (1 Hour)
230p Metabolic Bodyweight Circuit (10 Minutes)
730p BJJ Training (1.5 Hours)

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