Mixing V-Diet and I,BB Program?

Chris!! I need a professional’s opinion. A while back, I started using the I, Bodybuilder program and was amazed how awesome that program was! I would like to get back on that program for more muscle but in an effort to get ready for summer, I wanted to do the entire Velocity Diet do drop those last few lbs and get beach-ready.

The question I had is would it be a good idea to follow the nutrition regimen of the Velocity Diet with the I, Bodybuilder workouts? If I can, how would that impact the supplements I have to buy if I’m working out 5 days a week instead of three or four? Iâ??m 6â??3 and weigh about 265 lbs @ 13% body fat or so. Any input you have for me is tremendously appreciated!

Instinctively, I wouldn’t suggest mixing those programs. I’d rather see you do one, say the V-Diet, first. Then do I, Bodybuilder. Or reverse the order if that better fits your goals.

Now, if you really really want to do the I, Bodybuilder workouts with the V-Diet nutrition plan, it could work. For example, drink the Metabolic Drive shakes in place of meals and use the supportive supplements in the V-Diet such as Superfood and Flameout. However, due to the intense I, Bodybuilder workouts, replace Surge Recovery with Plazma.

Most people would need 3 servings per lifting workout. You can view the labels in our store to figure out how long each container lasts based on how many days per week you’ll be lifting and how many servings falls into your sweet spot of intake (could be only 2 servings of Plazma, could be 4.)

This could work with Plazma, but keep in mind the V-Diet will still have you running fairly low calories and somewhat low-ish carbs, which may not jibe with the tough I, Bodybuilder workouts. But it could work with the addition of Plazma for lifting, and even better, one serving of Indigo-3G before the workouts to insure your’e driving Plazma deep into the muscle tissue and repartition the needed carbs into muscle.

Does that help?

That really DOES help! The reason for my original post was I?m trying to find the best possible combination of things that is going to help bring my physique to the next level in a relatively short period of time, say by summer. I?ve been lifting for many years and have made some great gains in size, but have never really achieved that chiseled, head-turning look we all want. I made a promise to myself that this summer the shirt was going to finally come off and I thought that a combination of these two programs would be the ticket. Being as though I have a decent amount of mass on my frame, I should probably take your advice and do the Velocity program first (in its entirety) then switch over to the IBB or some other program. Unless there is another method you have in mind for my goals? I?m all ears!

Sounds like a good plan. Some general advice for long-term leanness if you’re not already doing it: drop wheat and milk forever. Works wonders. For one thing, both can cause cravings due to their exorphin content, which makes you overeat. It’s a very easy way to get back in control of diet and avoid excess fat gain even while in a mass phase.

The V-Diet is a good kickstart there since it’s all shakes and a few solid meals. Just make sure those meals are wheat free and you’re good to go. Only takes a few days to get over wheat addition and its effects on brain chemistry.

Wow…I’ve heard about wheat but MILK too? That’s a tall order with me being from the dairy state!! Anyways, I truly appreciate all of the help. As long as I have this thread started, I had one more question regarding the supplements. Up until now, I’ve been using supplements (protein, creatine, BCAA’s, etc.) from the local GNC or Supplement Warehouse with decent results.

I’m interested in putting together a stack from the T-Nation store that can give me the results I want, but I’m becoming more and more confused with regards to the right ones to buy. I’ve gathered that Metabolic Drive and MAG-10 seem like good proteins to use, but what would be a good “starter” stack that I can use after I use everything that is included in the Velocity Diet?

Can these products be used in conjunction with other products, such as pre-workouts liked Jack3d or something similar? Again, thank you for all the help!

No big worries about about cheese and things like that. Mainly liquid milk. Almond milk is a tasty replacement. You can find it everywhere now, even WalMart.

As for a stack, it depends on your long term goals; however, it’s safe to say that regardless of goals the focus should be on workout nutrition. Plazma is the #1 product in that category now. We have several products in this category, but Plazma represents the latest science with the most potent ratio of high-end components. Think of it as the “elite” workout nutrition choice. After Plazma came out, I stopped using Anaconda and the Surge products for example. Plazma covers it all.

Metabolic Drive is simply a high quality protein powder with no fillers that can be used for meal replacement or as an addition to meals. I love it stirred into oatmeal for breakfast. Be very careful with protein supplements sold in stores. The cost of protein has gone way up and keeps going up. Since the store has to make their profit, many supplement makers are cutting corners and using fillers in their proteins. Since Biotest sells direct, there’s no middleman. This allows us to keep the quality high. BTW, that’s one reason why the V-Diet is seldom successful when people try to use other brands of protein: too many fillers, and even not the amount of protein they list on the label. Plus Metabolic Drive has some digestive aides added so you can drink several shakes per day.

There would be no need to use something like the product you mentioned. For one thing, NO-type products actually don’t build muscle, which is why we never chose to make one. They’re popular with teenagers, but not in the serious lifter crowd. (We know one pro-bodybuilder who advertises for a product like this but he buys our supplements with the money he makes. No kidding.) And if you want just a stimulant effect, caffeine is dirt cheap. Or look into Spike capsules or drinks if you really want to get jacked up before a workout or get going very quickly in the morning.

What other supplements did you have in mind? Some people start with a foundational health stack: Flameout and Superfood for example. But if your main focus is muscle and performance, then workout nutrition would be #1, ideally with Indigo-3G. We have a stack for that already that helps you save some bucks on those supplements:

No need for BCAAs if you’re using a dedicated workout nutrition supplement like Plazma. You’re covered. And if you like creatine, we have that too. That can be added to the workout nutrition supplements if you like creatine and respond well to it.

MAG-10 is great for post-workout as well as protein pulsing between meals. It too would replace BCAAs.

Happy to help you create a stack based on your goals and budget when you’re ready!

Well, my long-term goals are probably the same as most; to put as much functional muscle on my frame as I can while keeping fat low. I also value having a high-efficiency cardio system as well.

Bascially, my stack now is a caffinated pre-workout item that has creatine and some N.O. enhancers; a carb-based post workout product and a whey isolate protein that I take also after workouts and sometimes in the morning when I don’t have time for a solid breakfast. I also have BCAA’s and a products to help me sleep and recover better at night.

I usually do not mess with test boosters because they almost always make me break out, bad and they can be very expensive. I already have a good multi-vitamin and fish-oil supplement that I use and can access to superfood powders pretty easily.

Like I said, I like these products and they have allowed me to get some good results, but I’m looking to take my supplmentation to the next level. So, from what I’ve gathered, I could use Plasma, creatine and a can of Spike for my pre-workout and Metabolic Drive as my post-workout/protein? Am I missing anything? Am I off completely? I don’t want to spend a small fortune every month, but I’m willing to spend some money to get what I need.

Honestly, the other products you mentioned are about a decade behind the times at least. Probably cheaper for them to make them that way.

Plasma would be used before and during training. MAG-10 would be ideal for post-training if that fits the budget, better than Metabolic Drive for that purpose. Metabolic Drive is mainly for a meal replacement. With the right workout supplements taking “peri” – before, during and just after training, there’s little need for a post-workout drink. Post workout was hot for a while because it does help, but today we know that just before and during are better times to feed the muscle for growth. As a bonus, pre and during with Plazma will also increase workout performance: you can train harder and longer with more intensity, and then recovery quickly from it so you can train more frequently.

Spike is great pre-workout if you’re looking for a pure energy boost or stimulant. The hardest kicking Spike products are the tablets and Shooter. The larger can, Shotgun, is potent, but does not contain yohimbine as the others do. (Some people love yohimbine, but for many it kicks too hard.) Double Shot is just a concentrated version of Shotgun. I believe the most economical version of that would be the tablets, unless you just prefer a drink.

The sleep supplement you mentioned mainly contains melatonin (25 year old supplement, stops working after a while) and magnesium, which does help you sleep if you’re lacking in it. But very pricey for the 25 cents worth of those it contains. Look into Z12 if you need a dedicated sleep supplement. I tossed my melatonin the in the trash after using it. Wake up much more refreshed too.

Not trying to bash all those other supplements, just trying to show that you’re paying quite a lot for old technology. I think you could get much better results for about the same price with the right stack.

No offense taken. I figured I’ve been using the same style of products for many years now and so an upgrade is more than past due. So, to make sure I got it all right…I would mix three scoops of Plazma for my before and during and then something like a Metabolic Drive afterwards? (I think MAG-10 is going to be out of my price range, for now) I could also use the Spike if I need the extra kick. That dosent sound too horrible.

If I felt the need, could I add a creatine to the plasma to make it more effective or is something like extra creatine supplementation not needed with these produtcs? Also, I noticed that three scoops of Plazma seems to be the standard dose; for the sake of streching my money as far as possible, would I be able to get away with using two scoops or even one scoop and still improve?

You can adjust Plazma based on your workout: long hard leg session: use more scoops; an easier arms-only day: fewer scoops.

Most people use 3 and adjust up or down based on their training and their own physiques. A smaller female may use 1 serving, a giant bodybuilder may use 4. But generally, drink 1 serving before training and 1 or 2 more during training. Metabolic Drive is fine afterward if you can’t go with MAG-10 right now. I’d wait until about an hour after training as Plazma will still be doing its thing.

You can add creatine to Plazma if you’d like, monohydrate or malate, plain powders only, no combo formulas.

Awesome! Thank you so much! I’m probably going to order the V-diet supps this week and I’ll start next week. Very Excited!

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