Mixing Tribex® and Carbolin 19®


MarkM77 asks:

Do you recommend using both Tribex® and Carbolin 19® at the same time? I don’t want any side effects from taking both.

I’m guessing it won’t be a problem taking both simultaneously.


Correct, there’s no problem taking the two of them together. Follow the label direction on both and you’ll be all set.

Alpha Male actually includes both of them in one formula, along with a third ingredient to further boost Test naturally.


Thanks. I noticed Alpha Male includes both. But the Forskolin is 20mg vs 40mg for Carbolin 19.

Will the other 2 ingredients in Alpha Male make up for that difference in relation to helping w T, muscle gain, strength, and mass? Again, guessing I’ll be good since that’s the way Alpha Male was formulated.


Basically, yeah. Alpha Male still delivers a full dose of Carbolin 19 per day (2 tablets twice a day, for the 40mg), but the overall formula works synergistically.