Mixing SWF & Plazma

Any suggestions on mixing SWF and Plazma to save a few dollars? I generally wake up very early and workout about 45 min after. Workouts are about an hour and are CrossFit-like. (I workout in my basement, not a box. Belonged to a box and follow the workouts they’re doing - modifying a bit based on equipment limitations, limiting injury potential, and on occasion just doing more strength work. Feel great about the progress I’ve made and very much appreciate Biotest’s role helping me along!)

I normally take 2 servings of Plazma as directed (1 before, 1 after) but have recently been mixing 1.5 servings of Plazma with 0.5 servings of Surge WF. They both mix with the same berry or lemon flavors so no issue on taste.

Wondering if instead of mixing 1 bottle with the 2 servings if I’d be better off mixing 1 plazma and 1 half and half. If so, which would I drink first vs during? Or, if I went with 1 serving of Plazma and 1 serving of SWF (upping the SWF portion), would I be better off mixing them together or keeping them separate? And again, which would I drink first vs during?

Is mixing them together just a bad idea altogether and I should go with Plazma-only and SWF-only days depending on my workout? Am I just over-thinking this?

It is not recommended that you mix the supplements. Each formula is precise and mixing the two will give you “less good” results compared to using them on their own according to label recs.

Your second idea is better. If you’re wanting to stretch the ol’ budget a little, then yes, use <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma on some days (your toughest, longest, or hypertrophy-focused workouts) and <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel on other days that are more metcon-like.

Do you really take Plazma after? or during?

[quote]JFG wrote:
Do you really take Plazma after? or during?[/quote]

That makes sense. Thanks Chris!

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