Mixing SWF & MAG-10

Chris, I have full bottles of MAG-10 and SWF. I know you typically don’t recommend mixing anything with MAG-10, but I how do you feel about possibly mixing one serving with SWF for during and another dose of MAG-10 after? I remember Anaconda was Carbs, etc. with the same protein as MAG-10. So would this be pretty good for the time being?

No. For best results with the newer formulas, do not mix them.

So for best results with these bottles, maybe Finibar 1 hour pre, indigo and MAG-10 15 minutes pre and SWF during? Or maybe push MAG-10 back with the Finibar?

Mag-10 + Finibar makes a great combo about an hour before training. I do that often myself as “breakfast.” Then just take Indigo-3G about 20-30 minutes before starting your SWF. Or just save that Mag-10 serving for post-workout, about 30-60 minutes after.

Okay cool that’s what I’ve been doing actually. MAG-10+Finibar 1 hour before then Indigo then SWF followed by MAG-10 30-45 min post. Good to know I’ve been on the right track

Solid plan.

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