Missed Workout Day

Hey Chris,

Started the Velocity diet last week and it’s been great so far. One question though, if I miss a workout day should I make up for it the next day and workout two days straight or just wait til the next scheduled workout?


Naw just wait til the next workout to catch up…Consistency is KEY, I simply CANNOT emphasize
this enough, so if you have not missed a day so far and only at this moment are just thinking
about missing a a day…Stop even thinking about the possibility of missing a
day in the first place, ONE ‘hiccup’ in missing a day once in a blue moon is NOT gonna
make any significant difference no matter what ‘program’, ‘system’, or supplement you’re on.
Sorry, maybe chris has a better answer…lol.

Choose whatever best fits your weekly schedule. If you train the next day it would change you from Mon, Wed, Fri, to Tue, Thurs, Sat for example. (or vice versa.) If that’s okay, then go for it. Also, extra NEPA never hurts if you want to extend it for a day.

Thanks for the input Karado and Chris. I’ll be traveling from the west coast to the east coast next week and don’t think I’ll be able to get my workout in that day and wanted to see my options. I’ll go ahead and switch my workout days. Much appreciated

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