Miracle Noodles


I have been starting to plan my HSM’s for V-Diet transition week. Although I’m directionally in agreement with you about avoiding grains, I really love wild rice (true organic Minnesota wild rice) and Kasha (buckwheat groats). Since they have no gluten some wheat flour is traditionally added to make breads and pasta from these two “good” grains. I had been looking for a substitute for the wheat flour. In the process I ran across “Miracle Noodles” made from Konju flour.

Supposedly it is a non-starchy fiber tubor with no calories. Most of the reviews I found seemed somewhat reasonable and positive. The idea sounds good as a pasta substitute. On the other hand, the purpose of eating is to provide fuel and energy for the body. Why eat something that doesn’t do that? Some fiber consumption is necessary of course, but should it be a major volume component of your meal? Granted, it could help achieve a feeling of fullness for those who tend to overeat. Anyway, wanted to see if you were familiar with them and your take on them.


I’ve never tried that, but if you run a search, a few V-Life readers have posted their reviews.

Personally, I’d rather replace pasta with vegetables, which is easy, nourishing, and tasty when it comes to things like lasagna (eggplant, zucchini, etc.) and spaghetti (spaghetti squash, shown above.) The latter, I’d think, would beat any tasteless root or seaweed noodle.


I have used the miracle noodles before & they are fine. But I am at a point where I would rather eat the squash or cabbage than the noodles.Just cause no matter how much I try the dang noodle I still have to convince myself that I like them. They do tend to take on whatever flavor you have with them but I would rather have something with it’s own unique flavor that is good.
But yes the noodles fill a void - but they ain’t no wild rice either.


I have tried these before and I can’t seem to get past the smell, to me they have a scent that I can’t seem to get over. I tried adding thigns to these but that didnt’ help either. Needless to day I was dissapointed. :frowning: