Mineral Supplement Loading Phase?

Hi, I’ve searched for an answer but couldn’t find one. Since research shows people and athletes in particular are deficient in magnesium/zinc, should supplement like ZMA and ElitePro have a “loading phase” like creatine?

Good question, but no, no need for that. You wouldn’t want to get too much of certain things in one day anyway. For example, magnesium taken in very high amounts could lead to, um, bathroom issues…

Chris - Magnesium oxide (and sulfate) is the form which (primarily) causes the bathroom issues. Chelated magnesium does not cause nearly the same issues. Most people are deficient in magnesium, and because it is heavily lost in sweat, the situation gets worse (more so than most other minerals besides salt of course). I personally think Elitepro is good, but would be better with a touch of B6 and boron to increase Mg. retention, or slightly more magnesium, taken with a grain of NaCl of course (ok that NaCl thing was a bad joke.)

Actually, thinking about salt, I would say that Elitepro could also stand to benefit from iodine as well (it’s a trace mineral lacking in American soil (partly explains increased breast cancer rates in America vs Japan, for instance, but also highly effects prostate and thyroid), and only needed in microgram quantities, and inadequate status (most people) has profound bad impacts on health).

OP - You could be getting too much zinc if you take both, unless for some reason you had very low levels. But if this was the case, that much zinc would likely throw your copper level out of whack.

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