Mind Muscle Connection

I hear a lot of pros talking about the mind muscle connection. Has improving the MMC been shown to enhance gains? How do you develop a MMC?

Ben Pakulski talks about squeezing the working muscles throughout the entire ROM in the context of developing a MMC. He claims this increases tension. It feels like it does but I have to use much light weight. The lighter the weight, the more I can concentrate on squeezing,; the heavier the weight, the more difficult it is to concentrate on squeezing. Do you believe in this squeezing technique, an if so, how do you select the proper weight?

We actually have an article coming out on that Tuesday. Stay tuned.

I can’t wait for this article Chris!

The mind/muscle link is exactly what I aim for when I do my bodybuilding specific work…i.e. focus on using the isolated strength of the target muscle to move the weight (my definition of course).

OP, you got it right on (in my opinion). There is a specific load that is perfect for mind/muscle link training…too light and you don’t really feel the muscle working that well…too heavy and you lose that feeling altogether as other muscles/structure come into play. But just right…and you will feel that burn in the target muscle. Rep range really isn’t a good indicator of whether one hits the right load or not. Some days low reps with a load is perfect to get that feel; other days higher reps with the right load is the ticket. It’s a never ending search for the new “sweet spot” which is really what makes training so interesting to me to this day.

Totally different than power or strength focused training.

That being said, I think a successful training program for hypertrophy requires BOTH (hypertrophy specific and strength specific) styles of training in order to compound the muscle building and strength building effects. One without the other is not optimal; one exclusive to the other is also not optimal.

I’ve arrived at this style of training long ago after years of experimenting and focusing on what really works for me. I’m so happy there will be some articles on this!

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