Miller081608's V-Diet Journey


I’m starting my V-Diet tomorrow, Jan 3rd. I am doing with some buddies from work. I put on a lot of weight over the last 6 months and am my heaviest ever.
I post the pics soon
Weight- 235
neck- 18"
shoulders- 50"
chest at nipple line- 48"
waist naval- 45"
hips- 43 1/2"
thighs- L 27" R 27 “
upper arms- L 15” R 13 1/2"


Awesome, welcome aboard!


Good luck dude!


Well day 1 has started, shake was not as bad as i thought, very filling. I think i taste the Lucine. There was four of us doing this now down to three. He told us this morning he forgot today was the day. Then there were three. Still not sure if he is going to start tomorrow. He’s that guy.


may be dumb question but when not working i usually get up at 0630 and in bed at 2200. wondering how i should space my meals out.


I am not drinking my first shake until mid morning I take my leucine, fiber, and Superfood with my HOT-ROX and fishoil then do some fasted nepa, then have my shake.


Not feeling good at all today. Staying on the plan but feel sick. Not hunger pains, but vomited once today and still feel the same way. The liquid is hard to drink when not feeling well. Any advise or similar experiences would love to here what you did or recommend.


4th day. craving slow smoked beef brisket like no other. probably didn’t help that wife was watching food network this morning. feeling much better, think i just had the 2 day flu. shakes are loosing there flavor very quickly. having lots of trouble drinking shakes with flax. anyone else do anything different to get the flax down.


well today is the six day. shakes are getting easier to get down. been suffering a lot during workouts. still feeling weak. but good news is today if my hsm day. cant wait for tonight. got a nice ribeye waiting to go.


Today is the beginning of weak 2. Getting ready to start workout. Shakes are going down easier. Still would love to know if others are taking there flax other than mixing it in shakes. That is hard to swallow. Weighed in today at 227.6, that is a loss of 8 pounds. seeing decent results are keeping me motivated.


Well I just realized today that i am not quite half way through and I so want to quite. Although tomorrow is my hsm and that is keeping me motivated. I do not feel that I am changing much in the second weak. I feel sluggish and actually a little bloated. The workouts are tough and had to lower the weight a bit. But tomorrow is rosemary roasted pork loin with roasted vegetables. I cant wait.


[quote]miller081608 wrote:
I do not feel that I am changing much in the second weak. [/quote]

Dude, you’re not spelling well, either… must be the diet.


Look at the post just before your last one.


When’s the last time you lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks?

Read the V-Diet Q&A’s. Chris says that even if you’re not losing much weight in a given week, your body’s changing in important (good) ways.

And for Pete’s sake, quit thinking about food.

This diet’s been easy for me because I haven’t been thinking about food AT ALL.

I certainly don’t see how it’s helpful to you on day 2 of week 2 to have memorized what your meal’s going to be on day SEVEN!

You have to fill your days with enough activity- physical, mental, sexual, whatever-

so that your mind is occupied.

As far as the flax- I’ve had no problems taking it with the shakes.

But I went into this thing fully EXPECTING everything to taste like shit…

and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Let’s get back to the reasons you’re on this diet.

Why are you doing this?

Dig deep, and don’t just think of the superficial, socially acceptable answer that you tell everybody else.

Get down to that core, self-satisfying REAL reason why.

What will getting these results do for you?

Recommit to this thing.

Jesus, what a waste to go half way on this thing and quit!

You’re going to leave another 8 pounds and how many inches on the table because the flax is hard to swallow?

Get a grip!

I personally know several dozen people that would gladly swallow your flax for 2 weeks in order to have what you have, do what your doing, be who you are, to be moving in the direction that you are, instead of dealing with the circumstances they’re in right now.

Man up and finish this thing.

And one more thought: if you can push through this phase and get it done, what’s that going to do for you in other areas of your life?

Look around you at all the babbling, incompetent, stupid and weak-willed people that you encounter on a daily basis. The US of A has turned into the cast of fucking Wall-E.

Do you REALLY want to be one of those who spends their whole life weighing everybody down with their sad-sack story, telling and re-telling their tales of woe, whining to everyone with ears how “hard” they’re working [bullshit!], constantly searching for someone to commisserate with?

The world belongs to the strong-willed, the committed, to those willing to do what others are not, to those who follow through.

Who do you want to be?

This diet is about a whole lot more than just your weight.

You are bigger than the TEMPORARY circumstances you don’t like.

Are you going to prove that to yourself or tuck tail and scurry into the shadows?

This is your quest, man!

Grab it by the throat and kill it!


Are you GRINDING your flax before putting it into the shake?


i have not been grinding my flax. I will try that. Good news is I cant quit because there is nothing in my house. The wife got rid of everything, so that helps. I don’t plan to quit. But i will try grinding the flax. Its not the taste that is tough it is the texture. I get it in my mouth and half to force myself to swallow. Weak gag reflex i guess. But thanks for the kick in the ass.
P.S. It was late, and I was tired, and my spelling does suck.


[quote]miller081608 wrote:
i have not been grinding my flax.[/quote]

No wonder you couldn’t swallow it… good God!

I don’t know how the hell you’ll pulled that off.

You HAVE to grind it, because your body can’t break it down… so you’ve not been getting the cals and the omegas from it.

I got a nice grinder from… Meijer, which is a big grocery store… I think it’s called a Bella Cucina or something like that.

Anyway, it comes with six cups that have tops/shakers, etc.

So what I do is grind up about a half-to-3/4 cup, which yields a few days’ worth of servings, put the cap on and stick it in the freezer. I suppose the fridge might be bettter… I only know that if you leave it out, it’ll go rancid.

Let me know how much better it is once you start grinding.

[quote]miller081608 wrote:
But thanks for the kick in the ass.
P.S. It was late, and I was tired, and my spelling does suck.[/quote]

Helping you helps me.

Keep going.


If you don’t want to get a grinder, you can buy milled flax seed at a health food store or even some normal grocery stores. Mixes pretty easy, even in a shaker cup.


One week to go. Down from 235 to 220. Only 2 pounds last week. Hoping for 5 this week.