Military PT and How to deal with it


Hey Chris my friend and I going to be starting the V-Diet in a few weeks. We are both in US Army and are trying to figure out how to deal with the army pt and workouts. Most the pt is a joke to me except I get a little bit of a workout from the runs. Same goes for him as well. I read a post from a canadian couple that was in their military which seemed feel completely depleted at the end of the day. Is there anyway to prevent this crash or make it less harsh.

I know you suggested to them to skip the walk and sip their shakes throughout the workouts at night. I am sitting at 160ish and I am 5’3" 13% body fat, I usually do more powerlifting types of workouts. I just hit 345 on the bench(RAW) and I am really trying not to lose that either. I read the whole article and it all makes sense.

I just want to make sure there won’t be too much stress on my body to make me lose any muscle. If I do it won’t be too much and will be worth it for the great fat loss. What other things can you suggest that might help? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks


As “muscle insurance” I’d suggest adding leucine peptides to a couple of the shakes per day. Like these:

Sipping Surge during tough training session rather than drinking it all after is a good plan too.

Any diet can temporarily make you feel weaker in some lifts, but this isn’t real strength loss, just lower glycogen, which is temporary. All other goals are set aside for a while on the V-Diet; it’s a rapid fat loss plan, period.


Thanks Chris, I will keep you posted on how it works. Would doing the advanced or intermediate make a big difference? We are planning on doing the advanced. Time to cut off this unwanted fat and get back to a slim waist.


Sure, start with advanced and you can always cut back if needed on week 2 or 3.