Mike's V Diet Log, 8/7/09

Whats up fellow V-Dieters!
A quick synopsis on my situation. Im 22 years young and have always been a bigger kid. By bigger I mean around the 200 lb range. 4 months ago I got laid off of work and it really took a toll on my health. As of last month (3 months into the layoff) I weighed myself at 235. Putting on 35lbs in 3 months lit a fire under my ass.

So the last month through diet and exercise im down to 225. Im no stranger to diet and exercise as I grew up in the gym with my dad who was an amateur bodybuilder in the 80s. Then around 2004 I got into MMA and did that up until about a year ago when work got a little to crazy. So here I am, looking to get back into the swing of things.

Instead of shooting for the 200 LBS that I have been at for years, I want to get down to a lean 185. After I get down there I want to tweak my diet to eventually get to 200lbs at under 10% BF. Last time my body fat was measured by my MMA coach I was at 205lbs and 13% BF so it is going to take quiete a few LBS of lean mass but I know ill get there. Heres my stats.

Height 5’ 11’‘
Weight 225
Neck 16
Shoulders 47
Chest Upper 43’‘
Chest Lower 39’‘
Waist - at Navel 42’‘
Waist - at largest 40’‘
Hips - at largest 43’‘
Upper Arm L 15’‘
Upper Arm R 14’'
Upper Leg L 26 ‘‘
Upper Leg R 27’‘
Lower Leg L 19’‘
Lower Leg R 19’‘
Ankle L 10’‘
Ankle R 10’’

Supplements outside of the V-Diet protocol:
Ephedra/Caffeine/ Aspirin. From 7/12- 8/2
Epistane ran at 30/40/40/50
11-oxo ran at 0/0/0/400/400/400
AIs Cycle support during epistane and 11-oxo
AIs post cycle support directly after the epistane and 11-oxo
Lean Xtreme starting week 2 of Post cycle support.

Started V-Diet Aug 7th
Scheduled End Date, Sept 4th

Go for it mike…great goals…i’ll be watching your progress!

Hey Mike, sounds like you’ve got some good goals there. I am on day 4 myself. Post some pictures up here!

Are you 5 feet or is that a typo?

Im 5’11’’

I typed this all up in microsoft word on a macintosh and when I cut and pasted it to the forum you should have seen it. All kinds of random characters like #$%^"?>: Just all over randomly. it took me a half hour to re edit it…

Anywaise. I tried uploading pictures too. It says its uploading then nothing shows. any ideas?

Ill try and figure out how to get pics up. Right now im with the Fam in Indiana beach. Even more focused seeing beautiful woman in swim suites :slight_smile:

Almost a Week in and havnt cheated. everythings on point. Thanks for the support!!!

So last night was the first night I had any discomfort from this. My stomach was cramping bad… Besides that everything has been really easy so far. First cheat meal is today. Ill post pictures of what I eat (if I can figure out how) along with some pics of me…

Get it, Mike. I will be following your progress here. I know how it feels to put on a load of weight in a short period of time. Hey, and it’s not a “cheat meal”. Eat some healthy protein and vegetables.

Yes, Cheat was the wrong word. Im going to the butcher shop to get a nice piece of meat and then to the market for some veggies.

Bah, I have tried every Image code in photobucket but nothing will show my pics.
They also will not upload. Ahh well, no pics.

So the first solid meal in a week. I have to tell ya I was a little dissapointed. Not that I had some high hopes because with the ECA, I havnt felt hungry really. So I went to fair oaks farm in Indiana today. Got some fresh Havarti cheese, then went to the butcher and got a rib eye then the market and got some spinach, lemon, Tomato and cucumber.

Mixed up my spinach, lemon, tomato and cucumber in some olive oil, half a lemon and pepper.

Cooked my rib eye, actually kind of just waved it around the top of the grill and called it “cooked” and I was ready to go.

first thing I ate was the cheese…

No taste whatsoever. I mean nothing. hmm, ok, on to the steak. Same thing, really couldnt taste anything.

Then on to the salad. That had the most taste. im assuming the acidity of the tomato and lemon.

Then I broke out the hot sauce. Sriracha hot chili to be exact. I eat this stuff like, like i dont know what. I guess its pretty hot to most people but never for me. I guess I just got used to it.

Well this time, wow. Shit made my eyes water. I have never had that effect from hot sauce. For any hot sauce fans, We BBQ around my house with a mix of daves insanity mixed with Sweet baby rays. So You know i have an immunity to this stuff.

So all in all I feel good but my taste buds are shot. Anyone ever herd of this while on the V?

Time to put another week behind me!

How’s the training and diet going?

Training is good. Im still fealing really strong But im sure a log of that has to do with the Epistane. My last/heaviest set of shrugs on friday was 225 for 12 reps with the camber bar. I did Shoulders and Tri’s. So im happy with that.

Diet, well not much to say about that. The smell of the protein makes me want to puke now… eating the same thing 5 times a day is tough. Im going to pick up another brand a protein in a different flavor.

All in all everything is good. This has been a LOT easier then I thought. I never feel hungry.

O yea, I cheated…

My family ALWAYS has fresh fruit out on the table and just from habit, i walked by and popped a grape in my mouth and gobbled it down. Im lile “O FUCK I WASNT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!” It was just out of habbit of always grabbing a piece of fruit while in the kitchen. Im not worried about it though. It was just funny how It totally slipped my mind.

Hey my friend it’s been a few days. Hows it going?

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