Mike's Log

Starting V-Diet tomorrow 3 May. A little background… was really big into crossfit did W.O.D’s as religiously as my schedule would allow being downrange. Had some chronic back problems for the last two deployments but continued to train through it… stupid maybe, but necessary. Returned home end of January and basically have done nothing to this point as far as workouts go, did a month of chiropractic therapy with no success… actually think it got worse.

Spoke with my Doc and he thinks dropping some weight would help alleviate the pain along with some core strengthening. Basically I am on board with anything that might help, as well as slimming down and regaining some of my endurance based fitness. I fluctuate between 195-200 looking to get down to around 180-175 and really getting in some solid work.

I plan on doing the intermediate workouts to RX in order to follow the diet correctly and help get me back into working out. Def looking forward to it and getting down to work. Pictures and measurements to follow.

Best of luck, Mike.

Thanks brother looks like you have a good base to start with curious to see your results. What is your endstate other than getting ready for summer? I am def looking for a strength to weight ratio… militaryathlete has a good one that I am shooting for toward the end of the summer time. Good luck with the rest of your diet.

Front Squat 1.5x BW 1.0x BW
Dead Lift 2.0x BW 1.5xBW
Bench Press 1.5xBW 1.0xBW
Push Press 1.15x BW .75x BW
Squat Clean 1.25x BW 1.0xBW
Clean&Press 1.0x BW .75xBW

Wish you much success man.

Day one fairly easy, long day and actually missed my dinner meal not very happy about that one, but at least staying busy you don’t really notice not eating. Workout was pretty easy… I think i should have started on the advanced oh well I will hold what I got for the time being… also guess you just have to hit reply to continue on your post… MY B!

Due to problems beyond my control had to DC halfway through the week, in a school right now and it there was no way this past week to get my shakes, sometimes didn’t even get to go home. Restarting again on the 10th.

Alright then man. Wax on, Wax off…see you on the 10th.

Pretty easy day, crushed the workout, shakes aren’t bad at all either. Will post pics and measurements regardless of how embarrassing in the manana.

Hi Runnin welcome to the team.
I totally hate when life gets in the way of what I want to do. well the first week was the hardest for me. once your thru that and start to see results it gets so easy to stick with. the workouts are intense but really good. the challenge is the toughest part for me. you should have no issue with them being from a military background.
well keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing your stats.

yeah what she said! Keep it all up and don’t worry 'bout the pics…we all, well most of us, are in the same boat and I KNOW we are on the same TEAM. Go, GO, Go!


Cat, Stoner thanks for the good words I do like a good challenge. Day two is uneventful the hardest part is getting in all the shakes, you would think you would be dying to get something down your neck but I guess staying busy takes your mind off it plus with packing all your stuff in the morning to take to work… oh well. Quick question though anyone else have a problem with cramping like a mother?


Ok my ineptitude at being able to post pics is astounding… little help anyone? Ha ha I choose the file I want to add and it does nothing. Thanks in advance

try drinking more water between shakes for the cramps. if the muscles dont get enough water they will cramp. if that doesnt help you may need more potassium. hope that helps.

Yeah I def stay on top of the fluid intake so its not from dehydration. Gotta check out my MV see how much potassium I am getting. Anyways still cant figure out the picture issue but here are the measurements.

09 MAY 10
Weight 195
Neck 16
Shoulders 52
Upper Chest 42
Lower Chest 43
Waist at navel 39
Hips 41
Upper leg L 24 3/4
Upper Leg R 25
Lower Leg L 16
Lower Leg R 16 1/2
Upper Arm L 14 1/2
Upper Arm R 15
Lower Arm L 11 3/4
Lower Arm R 12 1/2

Have you tried the Military Athlete workouts? I am a 170# female, and since I started those workouts at the end of January I have increased my deadlift to a new PR everytime I have attempted. I am not up to lifting 195# 1RM. I did Crossfit for a while, but obviously not religiously or I wouldn’t be in need of the V-Diet. I have also not done Military Athlete religiously.

I have a renewed vigor and hopefully will remain motivated during the work capacity and stamina cycles. Last time I missed ALOT of workouts during those cycles. They suck! Very hard! The strength cycle is also hard, but makes me happy when I see all the new PR’s. So anyways, good luck and sorry this was such a long comment.

Marsda I have tried the Military Athlete workouts, I was turned on to them during my last trip downrange, got into some of them however being deployed and with optempo so high it wasn’t a real oppurtune time to jump right into them so I stayed with Crossfit Hardcore. Coach Shaul def has come up with a great product in his workouts, and I think he has a finger on the pulse of what guys/girls need to be doing downrange in order to be effective warfighters.

I was pretty bummed to see him start charging for his operator workouts, but hey I understand its a business. But he also does a lot of extra programs that he gives out for free, and is always willing to give out his advice. Yeah they do suck… BAD but it hurts so good. Good luck with the new found motivation nothing sexier than a female knocking out some olympic lifts in my opinion :wink: I will def go back to Mil Athlete once I get rid of this extra waste that I am carrying around and get healthy again.

What is this Day 3? Ha easy day, workout was smooth, got all 5 shakes in… earnin and burnin

Awesome…you are almost there!

Day 4 Good day, felt pretty shitty this morning kinda light headed. The HOT-ROX are tough to deal with when its Africa hot outside but oh well everything as RX today… looking forward to Saturday thats for sure.

I hear you on the speed freak Jason, I also have a Porsche 944 Turbo… it is my belief that every red blooded man should have something to drive/ride that will seriously break the speed limit or double it! Looks like you got a good start on the restoration of that 71 also ha ha

Hey, i have been meaning to answer your question about the cramps…no cramps here but there have been a few times during the diet that I got morning sickness…LOL Doctor ruled out pregnancy…thank god.


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