Might Be Blind, But Can't Find Answers

  1. I see the 45 sec rest btw sets, but not btw circuits…how long?

  2. going on vacation in 4 weeks; how best to manipulate the program (ie) do 4 weeks, eat as carefully as can for 1 week, start again when back, do for 2 weeks and then the 2 wek recovery, other??? I will return to diet after vacation

  3. vacation ques again…i can probably stick to healthy heating and small portions for 2, maybe 1 meal/day; should i make shakes while i’m gone to supplement or just wait to return to full program?

thanks in advance


i guess instead of 2 as phase 1 and 2 as phase 2, it might make more sense to go 3 and 1…make sense or do you suggest another way?

  1. Whenever you catch your breath and don’t feel like puking anymore.

2/3: Don’t do the V-Diet if you can’t devote 28 consecutive days to it.


Chris, well, answer to #1 is pretty straight forward. #2 is too, but i’m hoping you can suggest some way of modifying it for a 4wk program, 1 week vacation where I can be fairly disciplined (shakes + 1 hsm/day), and then start all over at week 1 OR do you or T-Nation have another 4 week diet I can use? I’d like to lose as much as possible (safely) and then after the beach start yours. Thanks again for feedback, especially on a holiday.


To clarify, I can give it 4, I just can’t give it 6 right now.


Four weeks is fine. That’s what a V-Diet package covers anyway. Then you can Transition on vacation with 1 HSM per day, the rest shakes.

You just want that 28 days period to be consecutive or you may not get the full benefits of the taste/craving changes that are part of the V-Diet’s “magic.”


Thanks Chris. That’s what I was hoping to hear, but didn’t want to bastardize it without checking with you. I appreciate the reply.