MicVinny's V-Diet Log (Started 5-12-2017)

Hey everyone,

Thought I would try the V-Diet again. I tried it back in August 2013 and documented my journey here on T-nation but for some bizaree reason my last post would never post.

Quick Back Story:

I’m a travel fitness coach who was cutting down for the summer before going on a 1-2 year 10-15 pounds of pure muscle building cycle. I was doing leangains and version of 5/3/1 to keep my strength while slowing losing the fat.

Then one night I got food poisoining and it turned my plan upside down. Eventually I got over the worst of it. But as I was recovering I realized it would be weeks before I could eat big solid protein meals again. Since my short term was to lose fat, and I couldn’t eat big meals for awhile, I decided why not try the newest version of the V-Diet.

In addition to this V-Diet log, i’ve been documenting my progress on my instagram account ([]).

If you follow me while I’m on this journey, I’m sharing my daily workouts, eating, ups & downs inside my story.

If you found this log after I finish, just look for the pictures starting May 12, 2017 with Velocity Diet in it to see my progress over time.

Goal: 192 lbs

I’ve been stuck in the 205 - 210 range for most of 2017. My “normal” healthy weight is about 205. In order to push pass 205, I have to be spot on with my diet and increase my daily activity to burn extra calories. If i’m not spot on, I easily gain 10-15 lbs of weight with no problem.

My goal is to get down to 192 lbs. That would equate to at least 15 lbs of fat loss. Additionally I would like my waist to be less than 33 inches. In the past, that’s always been a good measuring stick.

May 12th
Starting Stats
Height- 6’ 3"
Age- 36
Weight: 210.4 lbs

May 19th Stats:
Weight: 201 lbs

9 lbs total lost

Instagram Pic page:


I was surprised how fast the scale weight dropped. Before I got food poisioning I was around 205, so I only expected to get down to 204 this first week. 201 was a big surprise.

I was also surprised at how easy I transistion into this diet plan. I have been doing intermittent fasting for close to six years. So i’ve been use to eating big meals. I was surprised at how easy I adapted to eating smaller multiple meals during the day.

I also felt that the one HSM (healthy small meal) a day made this version easier than the previous one.

May 26th Stats
Weight: 201 lbs

9 lbs total lost


I actually got all the way down to 199 before the scale went back up.

The difference between this week and the previous is that I noticed that I didn’t feel as bloated due to drinking the shakes. The first couple of days I felt slightly bloated in my waist. Now i’m slowly starting to see the waist go down despite the scale going up.

May 31st Check In:

I haven’t been keeping this post as up to date when compared to my instagram account.

The reason for this check in is that Memorial Day weekend passed and their were lots of bbqs and celebrations going on. I was strong for the first one. The second party I went to, I caved in and had some cake.

That led me down to three nights of bad behaviors that I’m not proud of. As expected, the scale this morning rose to 204. Most of it is just water weight.

Today is Day 20 for me. I hope to finish these last Nine Days as strong as I possibly can.

June 3rd Check In

Interesting turn of events.

I woke up this morning and finally got back in the under 199 club (198.6 lbs).

BUT… I had a very severe sore neck. The muscles on one side could barely move.

Due to the bizaree injury, I had to take the day off.

Additionally, I had to eat lots of solid food so I could take pain pills without it interfering with my stomach.

So because of that I had to temporarily stop the V-Diet.

As I type this, it is June 4th and the swelling has gone down, but i’m still a few days away from being able to exercise again. I’ll have to make up my mind whether to continue the V-Diet as prescribed or just go ahead and switch into a calorie restricted hybrid of 2 shakes a day with 1-2 solid meals a day.

I’m down to my last 3 bags of Protein. I’m not a big supplement person to begin with, so I don’t want to buy a whole bunch more of supplements that I don’t usually take.

I did create a 20 minute video on my progress of the Velocity Diet.
Check it out!

June 11th Check In

Finishing Stats:
Weight: 199.4 lbs
Waist: 34.2"

So my 28 Days finished on June 9th 2017. Here’s my instagram log.

As I mentioned in the previous posts, I had to stop the normal diet for a couple of days due to a bizaree neck injury.

Overall, I lost about 11 lbs on the Velocity Diet. That’s not bad considering that I did gain 8 lbs of water weight 2 days before my final weigh in due to the carb heavy foods I ate while recovering from the neck injury. If I did not have my sit backs, i’m sure the scale would have reached 195 lbs or lower (I did lose 9 lbs that first week).

I believe if you follow the diet as prescribed you should lose at least 15 lbs. I don’t think you would get “ripped” like the marketing makes you believe, but it is a solid simple way to get rid of those last 5-10 pounds while maintaining your muscle if you’re disciplined enough to do it.

I will continue with a hybrid approach of the diet with 2 shakes a day plus 1-3 solid meals. It really comes down to healthy choices and keeping things simple!

What’s up, man. Just caught up with your progress. Good work pushing through the setbacks to still finish it all up. Plenty of people would’ve hit a roadblock that close to the finish line and just called it quits there, but you made the better choice.

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