Amy asks:

I’m interested in the Micro-PA®. I’m female and natural with a low carb-ish diet (not sure if that matters) and I’m interested in improving muscle mass. I’m looking to use this to increase my weights not necessary for fat loss.

I may also look at entering a powerlifting even, so would this be classed as drug free?

Oh, and also would you start the serving at 6 tabs per day? I’m 5.6 and currently 65 is kg. body fat approx 10%.

Yep, Micro-PA can help. If you’re training for powerlifting but want to put on muscle, make sure you’re doing “bodybuilding-style” accessory work like moderate-to-high reps, an exercise or two per body part, some time under tension stuff. That will help to maximize Micro-PA’s effects.

Also, creatine is basic and very effective for boosting strength and size. It should definitely be a given in a powerlifter’s supp stack.

Yep. Competitors have used it without any problem. You can double-check the specific federation’s banned substance list, but there’s no reason at all why it should be on there.

Yep. That’s the recommended serving size and a fine place to start.

FWIW, bodyfat percentages aren’t the same for men and women. An actual 10% on a women is seriously ripped. Is that your current condition?

It doesn’t really matter a ton, other than the fact that if you’re pretty shredded and trying to put on size, you may want to introduce some more carbs to fuel higher volume workouts.

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