Micro-PA with Other Biotest Supplements?


My question is about Micro-PA and other supplements.

1)Pretty much like Indigo-3G should not be taken too close to Superfood, is there anything that needs to be taken separately?

2)Is that ok? :

Alpha GPC : 90 mins before training
Micro-PA: 60 mins before training
Indigo-3G: 30 minutes before training
Plazma 1 scoop: 15 minutes before training
Plazma 2 scoops during training
MAG-10: 15 minutes after training

  1. I assume HOT-ROX and the like are not a problem either.
    Can you confirm there is no interaction problem?


  1. There’s nothing that interferes with Micro-PA, and you can take it with food or without.

  2. That schedule looks solid. Depending on when you finish the Plazma during training, many like to take up to an hour post-workout. But if you finish your Plazma well within the workout, you can move up the Mag-10 pulse.

  3. No interaction problems at all.

Thanks a lot Chris :slight_smile:
btw, while my waist line is the same (actually a little under) what i had after V-Diet, i added 1 inch to my thighs and almost 2 inches to my lower chest :slight_smile: About 6 pounds evier than what i was after V-Diet, but i suspect water retention still.
Looking forward to see what Micro-PA can bring me

Maybe a pound or two of glycogen and water (always happens when you go from lower carbs to moderate/higher carbs), but I’d bet the rest is all muscle! Nice work!

Thanks! :slight_smile: Much better now that i have all the equipment i need to train.
Finally can train properly from home at anytime. my ridiculous squat (limited because i had to clean it), i added 100 pounds to my squat in 2 weeks. I used to do quarter squat like an idiot. now i am almost ass to grass.
I will try Micro-PA today and i will monitor the results!

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