Micro-PA with 5/3/1

I have been curious to try Micro-PA but I prefer strength training (via 5/3/1) and was wondering if I would be getting everything I could out of Micro-PA. It seems the main benefits are size as opposed to strength, especially with increased calories.

Majority of people seem to experience hypertrophy and strength gain. I was on it for a five weeks and taking a break from it right now. The first two weeks was when majority of weight gain came, but the strength gain was consistent the entire five week. Been off for two weeks now and kept all size and strength gain.

I’ve been taking it on 5/3/1 and I’m about 1 and a half bottles through now. My logs are on another website because you are not allowed to post certain things here, but I do check the Micro-PA threads for new comments and wanted to reply to you.

I’ll make my results brief. I cannot attribute any of my success to micro-pa yet, but I’ve seen enough good that I plan to keep taking it unless something drastically changes through the rest of my second bottle and the third I have on hand. I crashed and burned hard last Oct. and just left the gym. Over-trained? Life? Excuses? Whatever, I walked away. I’m 6’2 and 38 years old so my best lifting days are probably behind me. When I walked away last year my best body weight was 204.5 with a bit of a gut (fast metabo so I’m naturally lean unless I take in over 4k cals/day which I was doing at the time). My best lifts recorded (which were all done on 5/3/1) were: DL: 445 Squat: 260 Bench: 255 OHP: 150.

I started lifting again the second week of Jan just going through the motions getting the soreness out. On 1/14/14 I got on the scale and I was all the way down to 184lbs. When I started 5/3/1 on 2/17/14 my 1RMs were: DL: 300 Squat: 225 Bench: 225 OHP: 125. Just awful numbers all around (not that my bests were great). My first day on 5/3/1 was 2/17/14.

I’m probably training too much for my age, but I don’t care. I’m doing 3 days on and one day off (I used to do four workouts per week). I also added joker sets and first set last as described by Jim in his new advanced book. I have not deloaded yet…I just started my fourth trip through 5/3/1 without a deload this past Sunday. On week 3 of my 5/3/1 week (my third trip through…last week) I set new records on three of my lifts during jokers. My squat hit 270, bench 265 and OHP 160 - - - three of my lifts have gone up 10lbs.

My body weight is 202.5 today and I’m super lean as I’m keeping my cals in the low 3k range. I take one serving of MAG-10 after workout ~15 mins. I take other supps, but can’t mention here…

I think 5/3/1 with jokers and first set last is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Could this be what caused all these PR’s? Even at my age is the 3 on, 1 off what my body needed? Did my body need that break to get back in the groove? Is it the M-Pa?

I’m leaning towards the supplement helping a lot. I know the volume got me back up there fast, but I never imagined not only gaining all of my strength and weight back in the course of 7 weeks let alone increasing my 1RM on three lifts…My 1RM that had not moved in many, many months prior to me walking away.

I say it is worth it and would love to hear how it works for you.

If you are doing the boring but big assistance work (5x10), you’ll definitely get the hypertrophy gains from Micro PA. Wendler is already a big advocate for Plazma, and MicroPA seems to be a big boost to Plazma’s effectiveness. I’ve been on it for about 13 weeks now, and have a power-lifting competition this weekend. If things go well, I stand to add about 50lbs to my total in just 3 months!

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