Micro-PA Use On Training Days


Is it ok to use Micro-PA on training days only? e.g. 4 days per week only: Sun-Mon-Wed-Fri.,
6 capsules ea. training day



It’s “okay”, but not optimally effective. Ideally, you’d take it every day like the label recommends. Maybe take a scan through the Micro-PA Results Thread to see if anyone played with the dosage like that, but I’m pretty sure not.

If you’re looking to stretch a bottle, I’d consider taking a slightly lower dose every day instead of taking the full dose more often.


What would you consider a slightly lower dose every day, 4-5 capsules? Would 3 capsules daily be out of the question? Thanks


3 caps (half of a suggested serving) would really be pushing it, yeah. I took a quick look and I’m not sure anyone’s experimented with taking less than the recommended dose, so you’d be in uncharted waters in terms of what to expect.

If it were me, I’d probably drop off just one cap, making it 5 caps per dose to squeeze and extra 4 servings out of the bottle. Any less than that and you’re taking about taking a full-third less than recommended. I’m not sure any possible reduced potency is worth the extra servings.


Will adjust accordingly. Thanks again!