Micro-PA Thib Training Questions


[quote]AbsoluteBoxer wrote:
CT, I am doing frequency work at the tail end of my workouts (after 3rm and density layer) 30 dips and 30 chin ups…
My question is should I accentuate the eccentric (2-3 seconds?) Or do you think it will be too much considering they are being done 5 to 6 times a week?

Accentuate the FIRST REP of every mini-set. So every time you step up to the bar to knock some reps off, first rep is done with a slow eccentric, others are done normally.


Ok sweet, thanks.
Also I think you said something in the past about if you can get 3 sets of 10 in 5 mins to increase the weight?


[quote]AbsoluteBoxer wrote:
Ok sweet, thanks.
Also I think you said something in the past about if you can get 3 sets of 10 in 5 mins to increase the weight? [/quote]



Eccentrics on the push press (or military press I guess). Does the weight have to come all the way down or can the slow eccentric phase come down to the forehead with the rest of the movement done in normal fashion (until it’s at the shoulders)?

Somewhat related, are slow eccentric (overloaded) partial movements of any benefit or is that too taxing on the CNS?


During the program switch revised for microPA and mtor:
Are they all 4 separate exercises (pertaining to the first two parts).

In the original program shock there were many sets of 20 and 15 reps. Would this fall more in the 3rd catagory?

Also how would this pertain to an arms day?
I was thinking
1 -Hammer curl / rope push down
2’- Barbell curl/ machine dip top half emphasis for triceps or close grip benchpress
3 some kind of pump technique for both
4 - Incline dumbell curl / overhead tricep extension for the stretch exercises

Not fully sure how I want to set up the back day. Rack pulls at the end of the work out in addition to the 4 layers. Also just thought of maybe a circuit of kayak rows rack pulls and pull ups. Yea kinda lost for what to do for this day that would stick with the principles.


CT - Is there any value (mTOR and Micro-PA wise) in accentuating the eccentric in feeder sets when using the double stimulation method? Thank you.


Yes of course… accentuating the eccentric will always lead to a greate mTor activation which increases protein synthesis


Ok thanks again. I wasn’t sure if you’d say it might be excessive for some reason (recovery perhaps) to do eccentric work for the same muscle two days in a row.

Another thing I’ve been assuming is to not use double stim while using the new layers program. Even if only doing it for a single muscle only like delts, and not doing any accessory work in the main shoulder day. What do you think, overkill?


The double stimulation work is light so it’s not a burden on the CNS and accentuating the eccentric with light weights is not traumatic. I would probably not recommend it with layers though. I might work on the short term but it might lead to quickly stalled progress.


Understood, thanks again very much.