Micro PA Testimonial

Ok, so I’m on my second bottle of Micro-PA and man oh man is something amazing happening. I’ve been so skeptical about purchasing Micro-PA for the longest time but for anyone who has their doubts, let me tell you, it works!

All I know is that in one month, I’ve hit PRs like crazy and look lean as fuck.

Before starting Micro-PA my lifts were plateaued at:

BW: 185 lbs
Bench: 225 x 2
Deadlift: 425 x 1
Squat: 315 x 1

After 1+ month of taking Micro-PA, i’m leaner and stronger! My current lifts are:

BW: 170 lbs
Bench: 240 x 1
Deadlift: 475 x 1
Squat: 405 x 1

Not sure how this is happening, I haven’t even been training for strength. My current split while on Micro-PA is mainly hypertrophy work. I have also had the ability to get a pump faster than ever while on Micro-PA. Hopefully these effects don’t die off as they are seriously helping me kick some major ass.

Hats off to Biotest for this! I seriously can not wait until an official Micro-PA program comes out for this for maximum results.

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