Micro PA - Soccer Training


I used Micro PA with a lot success in season with soccer players to preserve even increase muscle mass pairing it with strength training.

The of season is just starting and the players are doing a stage, almost without strength training. In my case, I will get them back to train with weight once they come back to the stage, and it’s about to start the competition.

Anyway, could I use Micro PA even in such period where they almost train on the field even though there are very few weight training sessions to preserve or even increase muscle mass?



i wouldn’t expect added muscle mass without training, no. Micro-PA can help to improve muscle protein synthesis, but you still need to lift properly to pull that trigger in the first place.

A more effective strategy would be to make sure the players use proper nutrition on the field. Surge Workout Fuel would be the best bet there. It has a rehydration formula and endurance boosters so they can stay at peak performance all game-long and has ingredients to further boost recovery.