Micro-PA, Rez-V, Flameout, Curcumin and Indigo-3G

Since my workout starts at 5 am, is it optimal to take 6 caps each of Indigo-3G and Micro-PA upon wake up?

Also, I read that the following should not be taken soon after a workout (post workout) therefore I plan to take the following later in the day or during my lunch:

1 serving Flameout
1 serving Rez-V
2 servings Curcumin

Question on the 3 supplements above, do I take them with lunch or prior to eating lunch or does it matter?

I am 50 y/o male, 290 lbs

Thank You!

I am adding the supplements in question to my cart but wanted to wait for suggestions before I purchase them. Would appreciate feedback from moderators as soon as possible please. I am looking to add from my first order of Plazma and Indigo-3G which I ordered with one day delivery as I am that motivated!

Thanks in advance!

That should be fine. Whenever workouts are scheduled for crazy-early o’clock in the morning, you don’t have the “luxury” of super-ideally timed pre-workout prep, so it’s wake up, pop the supps, start the workout nutrition, and hit the warm-up.

If your workout starts at 5, I’m guessing (hoping??) you’re not up at 4:00, so even if you roll out of bed at 4:45 or so, take them ASAP and then start the Plazma. It’s not perfect or strict to the label, but it’s the best route in that situation.

Either way is fine. They’re not the kinds of supplements that are significantly affected by timing as opposed to something like Indigo, for example, where when you take it can play a huge role in maximizing its effect. As long as you get them in, you’re good.

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Thank you for your feedback and support Chris_Colucci! Here is what I am planning for the morning on work out days:

4:45 – Indigo 3-G 6 caps, Micro-PA 6 caps, Rhodiola 2 caps
5:00 – Plazma 500 ml
5:15 – Workout with the remaining plazma intra-workout
6:30 – MAG-10® Protein Pulsing
7:00 – Meal 1 Post workout meal

BTW, I forgot to mention that I am adding Rhodiola to my stack…as it states on the label, I will take a serving upon wake up prior to training, then another serving 6 hours later in the day.

How does this look so far?

Thank You


Just placed a huge overnight order! Well it was huge enough for me lol! Thank you for all your support!

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Looks good to go. Hope you keep us in the loop with how the progress goes. If any training/nutrition questions pop up along the way, definitely toss them up on the T-Nation forum.

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50 y/o here too and I take Flameout, Rez-V and Curcumin daily. Great supps!!!

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