Micro-PA or Carbolin 19 for Fat Loss? Both?

I am 32 female experienced weightlifter, 143 and 19%bf (9 point pinch test) and I am not on MAG-10, Carbolin 19, or Micro-PA. I have run cycles of MAG-10 and Carbolin 19 and leaned to 17% at 143. I am a realist and understand the patience to drop 2%, currently I am on shit Muscle Pharm BCAAs and ShredMatrix for some freebies and now ready to jump back on the horse.

** I am ordering MAG-10, and Carbolin 19, will Micro-PAbe a smart addition to this lean stack? Or better suited for another hypertrophy cycle? Or would another supplement (Indigo-3G) better suited?

Please advise,

<a href=""target=“new”>Micro-PA works via a different mechanism of action than the other supplements, so it would be a fine addition. Now, many supplements have both a muscle gain and fat loss effect, so it’s hard to say where they’re a better fit.

Have you used <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G yet? This is the game changer for most people as it gets to the root of the problem most people have: poor nutrient uptake, dysfunctional fat cells… basically having a tough time staying lean and handling carbs, always have to “diet” etc. We’d suggest you use Indigo-3G before anything else.


I used Indigo-3G when it was first released for two cycles and I am sure I dosed incorrectly but was not as responsive as other users. I responded REALLY well to Carblin 19. Conversely, let me re-state that I was still playing with my Indigo-3G dose and carb sensitivity and I do not believe I ever found my sweet Indigo-3G and Carb “sweet spot”.

I will adhere to your suggestion and try another Indigo-3G and dig up my notes to analyse any linear coorelations.

Thank you for your prompt response,

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