Micro-PA for Females


Chris, Did any females get to try Micro-PA in the testing? Regardless, CatNip is about to be my Micro-PA lab rat. This should be interesting.


Yes, Dani (my wife) has been using it for several weeks to prep for a Figure show. Great for females, no side effects.

She needed to bring up her delts and lats, had 14 weeks to do it, and she’s pretty much already done it in just a month or so with Micro-PA.


Hey hip r u going 2 try Micro-PA


Thanks Chris.


[quote]gonzo25 wrote:
Hey hip r u going 2 try Micro-PA[/quote]

Hell yes! My wife (CatNip on T-Nation) is going to be trying it as well. We placed our order!


Is there a difference in dosage recommendation for women?


Nope. The standard 6-cap dose is best for everyone unless they’re super tiny/extremely small-framed (like, under 100 pounds).


Can a woman take it standalone or is it best with the other products mentioned? Thanks!


Women can definitely take Micro-PA. It does work more effectively with Mag-10 to compound the effects like the label suggests, but on its own, it’s certainly still effective.