Micro-PA: Follow the Label or American Sniper Workout?


Option 1: The Micro-PA label says to take 6 capsules once per day.

Option 2: The American Sniper workout says Bradley Cooper took 6 capsules twice per day, typically spaced five hours apart.

Is one better than the other? Does Option 2 require a cycle?


The supplement recommendations in the American Sniper workout are meant to be followed with the training and nutrition (which wasn’t mentioned) that were designed for the American Sniper workout. Following one without the other two wouldn’t make sense and wouldn’t be effective.

Stick with the label use.


Thank you @Chris_Colucci! Will do.


Just to piggyback here, but with things like this it’s best to start off with the lower dose to assess effectiveness.

In my experience, Micro-PA is plenty effective at the single dose level. But like Chris said, if you’re going to follow the American Sniper protocol for one aspect, it’s best to follow them all.

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