Micro PA Everyday or Not?


I workout every day and can’t choose 10 workouts per month to not take micro pa can I just take 4 per day for consistency or do I need to full dose and just not take it on my lowest volume days.


The label directions and recommendations are 6 caps every day, whether it’s a training day or not. Best to go that route.

Skipping days and/or taking a lower dose will bring reduced benefits, so keep that in mind. If I had to choose a way to stretch out a bottle, I’d probably go with a slightly lower dose daily instead of taking the full dose some days and zero other days, but it’s still not ideal.

You can take a look in the Micro-PA Results thread to see if anyone played around with a lower dose, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a popular option.


I was thinking since i get some dietary soy lecithin from vegetables and is it in eggs too? Im not entirely sure about that that if i miss a little from the supplement i could make up for the 750mg shown to be effective in the studies.