Micro PA Dosing

Why is the new dosing suggesting one serving per week? All of the studies posted show daily dosing.

I was directed to this forum to answer this question. When posted in the main forums it was responded to right away that it was in the wrong section. So I post here as directed and absolute crickets.

Like the product page says, the recommendation was updated based on experience and isn’t the official label guideline.

Daily dosing can and has worked, it’s definitely not a wrong approach or anything, but they’re saying once a week with the higher dose/newer formula works better.

Based on what experience and what data? This is my inquiry. Also is it mediator? So one gram is actually 500mg or is it a full 1g of mediator?

As the article says, “our accumulated experiential knowledge of the product has led us to some conclusions.” So I believe it’s input pulled from the coaches, researchers, and customers Biotest hears from.

It’s not something any company would suggest if it didn’t work. “Hey guys, get better results by using a ton less of our product.” You can use it more frequently if you’d like, but once a week for your hardest workout is what we recommend.

Yep, it is Mediator and, as stated in the article, the four softgel serving provides 1g of bioactive phosphatidic acid per dose.

Ok thanks…

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