Micro-PA Before Vacation?


I couldn’t think of a title that summarizes what I’m asking…

My Micro-PA arrived today, I have one last workout before a week of vacation (which coincides with a deload week), and I’m wondering if I should use micro-PA on this last workout.

My initial thought is that, if I understand it correctly, It would benefit any strength/hypertrophy geared workout, so it makes sense to still take it even though I wouldn’t take it again until the first workout of my next cycle.

I know if money were no object I should take it everyday, but in my world it IS an object!


I have a similar question with respect to using mPA during time off from training (i.e. like during a vacation).

If training induces PA, then it seems to make sense to me that taking exogenous PA would stimulate mTOR the same. Now, the question is how much PA does one really generate from one’s normal training? Does one serving of Biotest mPA come close to the amount of PA generated by a hard workout? If so, then taking mPA when not training should stimulate mTOR similarly which would be perfect during times when you simply can’t train (essentially, a muscle building signaller in a bottle). I have a feeling you would need to take alot of mPA over and above the recommended use to mimic a hard training session though. This is why it is suggested to use before training as an additive effect.

But man…IF exogenous PA is the same as PA produced via training, I can see some people trying to create injectable PA to get surpraphysical levels of this stuff into ones body.

First, you should check out the new Micro-PA forum here:

Micro-PA starts working with the first dose, so go ahead and use it during your last workout, then I’d suggest saving it until after your vacation so you can judge its effectiveness better while on a regular schedule.

Thanks Chris

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