Micro PA and Soccer?

Hi Chris

I’m experimenting how to implement Biotest in several goals on soccer as you can see in my past posts. We are getting an astounded results. They are really amazing.

Next phases we are implementing some new phases of muscle mass, in fact bring mass up in defense line players. Using strength training we work over in the qualities of strength. Once they are fast, high recovery and the capacity to repeat under fatigue conditions, increase muscle mass to such qualities plus specific qualities according to the position make us think in really in new ways to succeed.

Micro Pa is the new one we want to use. It’s clear on strength training days, but how do you take, if so, when they have only field training days or rest days?

You give me a good idea in the sniper workout article, plus it’s easy travel and stay in track using Finibars, but I’d really appreciate your professional advice.


There are no specific times to take Micro-PA on off days. Most users just have it before a breakfast or an evening meal, and some who are on a tighter budget just skip it on non-lifting days, though that’s not recommended.

Is it the frame time 00:00 to 6:00 with any meal in between? I get the non training sniper HPS as an example.

And Are you experiencing some recovery benefits using such approach with MicroPA?

Sorry, not sure what you’re asking.

If in the Sniper Article where non training days are scheduled with MicroPA, Finibar and Mag-10, are there any meal between the intakes of Mag-10+Finibar

0:00 Preload Micro-PA
1:00 Stimulate HPS

meal ?

5:00 Preload Micro-PA
6:00 Stimulate HPS

meal ?

Pre-Bedtime MAG-10®

Do you use such strategy with your NFL players?

We don’t have his exact meal schedule but Cooper was eating solid foods several times per day, up to 5000 to 6000 calories per day (counting the calories in the supplements.)

Strategy with my NFL guys varies according to their needs. Those replacing what are normally bad meals with healthy stuff often have a Finibar with a Mag-10 as a meal replacement or convenience meal.

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