Micro-PA and LBM

CS, I posted a question concerning Micro-PA and LBM maintenance, but got no response other than people speculating. Specifically, is there any research–or theoretical reasoning–which suggests that Micro-PA may be effective in preserving LBM while on a hypo-caloric diet?



I don’t mind fielding that one, Crowbar.

Absolutely. mTOR is the master controller of protein synthesis. As long as you’re working out with heavy resistance, ingesting essential amino acids, and using Micro-PA, you should be easily able to preserve LBM.

Precisely what I was thinking, TC. I believe Micro-PA should really excel at LBM maintenance during a fat loss phase!

I’ll be using it (just arrived today) first with a caloric surplus, then with a hypo-caloric diet as spring approaches.


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