Micro-PA and Indigo-3G Timing for Morning Workout

Been using Plazma for about 3 months now and it’s a great product. Decided to add Micro-PA and Indigo-3G. My workout are at 5am and the only thing I have is 2 scoops of Plazma and have awesome intense workouts. When is the best time to take these supplements.

Following the labels, Micro-PA is to be taken 60 minutes prior to your workout, and Indigo-3G is to be taken 30 minutes prior to starting your Plazma.

With a 5 AM workout, it would look something like this:

4:00 AM - Micro-PA
4:15 AM - Indigo-3G
4:45 AM - Plazma (like half of your total drink)

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