Micro PA and Fat Loss/Recomp

Hey Chris,
I am carb cycling with Plazma and Indigo. I’m 13% BF or so and want to get to 7-8%. Eventually I want to try Micro PA. Would it help with the weight loss, or should I weight until I’m done cutting?

pun intended…?

Sadly, the pun was intended!

<a href=""target=“new”>Micro-PA does work for fat loss as well as for muscle gain. Subjects supplementing with Micro-PA achieved 60% greater loss in body fat than the training-only group in one study (Wilson et al 2014, in press). So, it’s up to you when you add it; it’s great for pure mass phases or fat loss cycles.

Chris: Is it a good idea to Carb Cycle with Indigo?

[quote]JFG wrote:
Chris: Is it a good idea to Carb Cycle with Indigo?[/quote]

Depends on how you do it. Since Indigo-3G partitions carbs and other nutrients toward muscle gains instead of fat storage, then you never want to be too low in carbs when using it.

Now, most people naturally cycle carbs if they’re using peri-workout nutrition: Plazma, Finibar etc. on training days and none on off days. But yes, you need to keep the carbs coming from good sources. Everyone will be a little different here but I’ve only seen one person have to go as low as 150g per day when using Indigo, and this was a very overweight female (who, by the way, lost over 100 pounds with Indigo.) But if I had to say it with gusto, I’d say that Indigo-3G kills low carb diets, or very low carb days.

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