Micro PA Ahead of the Curve

Something that has caught my attention recently is the number of PA products that seem to be hitting the shelves lately. I’m not sure what the cause is, maybe the research is becoming more well known or available, or the supplement is just becoming more popular. Biotest certainly did their homework on this one, citing 26 sources on the supplement info page. But, unless I’m mistaken, Biotest seemed to be ahead of the curve with Micro PA and was one of the first to have a high quality PA product out there. I’m a huge fan of this supplement, I have been taking it since it came out and noticed results from it very quickly. I put it up there with Indigo and Plazma. If you’re looking to make some serious gains, definitely give Micro PA a try!

They always are Some of the stuff they have done that eventually gets copied:

  • High Potency Fish Oil

  • Intra Workout ( They essentially created it, and certainly using HBCD as the carb source)

  • Beta Alanine (which they dont sell anymore as a stand alone, but it seemed like a sound product as in in Workout Fuel)

  • Indigo/C3G

There might be others, but its fun watching Biotest innovate, and then essentially the rest of the industry play catch up 6 months later. Hell, as much as I love Meadows he essentially created his own poor-mans Plazma under another companies brand a few months after he and Biotest parted ways.

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