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I’m into day 2 and doing well. I tried V-Diet a couple of years ago and failed on day 1 or day 2. i just wasn’t there mentally. So, I worked on my weight and dropped 50 pounds between October '07 and now. V-Diet will take me down the last 20 to 155, which I think will be where i see abs.

I’m 41, female, sedentary job but a natural fidgeter and walker. I end up averaging 10,000-12,000 steps every day on just normal, non-training days. I have the bodybugg and wore it every day for over a month.

I’m attaching my before photos. sorry.



Hey! Welcome to the V-Diet again. I think that says something for someone to have tried it and failed by the first couple days to step back, lose some weight in another way, and then start again on something you really do have to be mentally charged positively to do it all the way through.

Glad you posted your pics because we’ll be here to help you see your differences when you might feel like you dont, and also, no sorries for it; you’re a thousand steps ahead of most people being willing to do what it takes to get the body you want.

Looking forward to seeing your progress.


I wanted to also add that i’ve been training for 7 years, primarily strength. I’ve competed in both strongwoman and powerlifting (best lift was a 300# deadlift raw). I’m now seeking increased health and aesthetics.

thanks, Lisa! I almost wanted to post my before pics from 50 pounds ago. the ones from now look so much better in comparison! LOL

for anyone looking for ideas about mixing shakes–i mixed my 2 scoops of banana Metabolic Drive, 1/4 cup +/- water and 1/8 tsp black walnut extract. it made a wonderful pudding or batter consistency. follow up with a large glass of water.

Welcome. Keep us updated daily! That’s helpful for others to follow, AND good for you to keep you on track.

thanks, Chris. and after reading 29 pages of Ask Chris, I am proud to say that i (1) know how to take pills; (2) own my own set of measuring spoons; and (3) understand that “follow it as written” is a valid instruction, complete in and of itself. :slight_smile:

Did my Day 1 workout today. I’ll be doing the weights on Sun/Tues/Thurs with the challenge on Saturdays.

bent over BB rows–4 sets of 5x95
overhead squat–4, 5, 5, 6x45
dip (assist) 4x5 with 28 pound assist
ab wheel rollout (my gym doesn’t have one and i forgot to take my own. so i used a 20 pound barbell)–6, 8, 6

treadmill walk–2 miles @ 2.0 incline and 4.0 mph

multiple posts in one day, apologies, but i want to keep track of shakes that I try and really like. 2 scoops chocolate Metabolic Drive, 3/4T instant decaf coffee, 10 oz cold water, ice chips. very tasty.

I’ve seen some others say that they had trouble mixing Metabolic Drive and making a hot drink. I’ve been using Metabolic Drive for awhile now and find that if you take 1 cup fresh hot coffee, 1 cup cold water, and add the Metabolic Drive, it’ll mix fine and give you a warm drink (not hot). it’s nice on cold mornings.

It look likes you are 1 day ahead of me in this journey…I’m looking foward to tracking your progress and words of encouragement when needed!

One thing I did that seemed to help was put pictures of the body you want around the house

Good luck and hope you had a grea day

If multiple posts in a day is a sin, then Im going to hell on wheels. Right now.

Yay for day one down!

Day 3 is going well. I’m not missing anything or obsessing about food. i’m feeling good.

i’ve got to adapt my breakfast shake timing. i’ve always eaten breakfast at 7:00 and lunch at noon, but that’s too much time between.

lunch shake: vanilla protein, 1/8 tsp imitation coconut extract and 1/4 tsp imitation pineapple extract. yum!

3 mile walk this evening.

i’m having some diarrhea, started last evening. for those further along in the diet, i’m assuming this is “normal” and will resolve itself in a few days??

I wore size 10 pants to work today! they were comfortable all day long. i haven’t worn size 10 pants in maybe 20 years? i don’t remember.

LOL wow after three days?? The pants? That’s GREAT! Imagine all that water weight you must have been carrying around. Im certainly not the expert on this stuff, but I had diarrhea too when I started (most people seem to have the opposite problem). I halved my total flax seed intake and it got much better but Im not saying thats the best thing to do. Maybe Chris would have a good suggestion in his Ask Chris thread.

I am guessing its because I also take a lot of other supps that have fiber and lots of magnesium so I was getting too much. Not sure what else you do that might be causing it.

hey austin! thanks for stopping by.

this morning 2.5 mile walk on treadmill at 2.0 incline.

this evening
lat pulldowns 75 pounds 5x8
incl DB press 30 pounds 5x8
rom dl 135 5x8
bb curl 40 5x8
ab strap knee raises 10, 10, 10, 5, 5
1/2 mile treadmile @ 2.0 incline

Day 5

3 mile walk on treadmill @ 2.0 incline

I’m working a big dog show all day F/S/S this weekend and will need to pack shakes to carry me thru the days. Any suggestions on being successful with this? I will have access to a cooler with ice and bottled water so the simple way is just to bring my powders. any other thoughts?

Get one of those travel blenders from walmart ($13) to so you can blend at least the thicker shakes. Obviously you can just ‘shake’ the shakes but I’ve found that especially with the morning shake and the dinnertime shake, shaking is not enough. (for me).

I use the Blender Bottle, it’s pretty awesome. Doesn’t do the job with the PB of course, but all the other shakes it does really well.

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