MIchael's V-Diet Log


I’ve been lifting weights for about 15 years, and was an athlete through high school and undergrad. I maintained a lean physique and good approximate strength, but about a year and a half ago I decided I wanted to put on some real size; since then, I’ve been on an extended bulk. I went from around 185 to 235 and have seen (for me) incredible gains in strength and size. Now, I want to cut some of the fat off, look better naked, and see if I can reach a shredded 205ish pounds.

Also (sidebar), I’ve got to say that Biotest has far and away the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. There were complications with my V-Diet order that were in no way related to, or the fault of, Biotest. Without going into too much detail (not sure if they would like me to share the story - if you’re reading, reps, and sharing is fine, let me know and I certainly will), their reps went above and beyond to ensure that I was able to get my product and do this diet. I’m eternally grateful.

Age: 28
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 235lbs
BF%: I’d guess somewhere between 15-20%; can still see my abs, they just don’t look great as they used to.

I don’t have my measurements because I can’t find my tape, but as soon as I do I’ll post them.

I’m on day 4 of the Diet, and it’s been relatively easy thus far. I had a slight, persistent headache on day 2 which may or may not have been related to the diet, but other than that it’s been smooth sailing. I’m finding that my energy levels are surprisingly high - I do well on stimulants, and HOT-ROX are freakin’ amazing. Also, my dogs love me more than ever because they are getting longer walks than usual, every single day. No weakness in the gym, either, so here’s to hoping that that continues.

I do have a question, though. I don’t do well with any kind of fiber supplement or flaxseed, and so am not taking them with the Diet. However, I know that they do add some calories each day. How, if at all, should I be making these calories up? Extra protein/fish oil/pb? While my initial reaction was less calories is better, I don’t want to lose any of the muscle I worked hard to put on by dropping calories too low.


Sounds like you are of to a great start!


You can probably get away with skipping the flax if it doesn’t agree with you and you don’t need the extra fiber. It’s fine to add FA3 or extra Flameout. You can also increase or decrease by 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive per day to tweak calories.

Any questions, be sure to pop them into the Ask Chris forum and I’ll be sure to see them.


Day 6, and it’s going alright…woke up with terrible salt cravings - I’d probably drink water from the ocean right now! I’ve also got quite a lot of additional time on my hands from not having to cook/clean up/buy food…maybe time for a new hobby? Looking forward to the solid meal mostly because it will allow me to maintain the status quo with some friends who currently think I’m batshit crazy. I’m thinking about having salted salt pork over a nice bed of salt. mmmmm


Day 8, weighed in this morning - 221. That’s 14 down in the first week…seems like a lot, even with water weight taken into account. Going to start adding in an extra scoop or two of Metabolic Drive to make up some additional calories. I’m noticeably leaner around the midsection - a bit more definition but I’m not as “thick” when completely relaxed, so I’m thinking that the visceral fat is going first.

Strength has been maintained thus far, although I find myself running out of gas a bit sooner than I usually do when working out. Overall, so far, so good.


Day 11, and I’m sick of the Vanilla flavor. Really, really sick of it. It’s also becoming somewhat of a pain getting these shakes down. I have (had?) the biggest sweet tooth, but these shakes are tasting so sickening sweet. Progress is good, though. Not sure of scale weight, but the mirror is showing definite improvements.

  1. Only increase by one scoop of Metabolic Drive if needed over the recommended amount, unless your activity level is very high (construction job and salsa dancing all night etc.)

  2. Be sure to salt your HSMs. There’s adequate sodium in the V-Diet, but many prefer adding some.

  3. The diet allows you to add things like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove or other non-caloric flavorings to shakes. The vanilla works very well for this.

Getting a little tired of the shakes is actually a good sign. Remember, part of this diet involves getting rid of cravings, the sweet tooth, bad dietary habits, overeating etc. The monotony helps with that and with getting rid of food addictions. Feel free to use more or less water and ice though in shake preparation for variety.

Progress looks good so far. Yes, some water loss is natural with any lower carb diet, but only a few pounds, so it looks like you’ve lost a lot of body fat as well. Glycogen can be lower than normal too, though Surge and the HSMs helps with that. This will return to normal once normal healthy eating resumes. It may cause the scale to go up a pound or two, but that’s just glycogen so it just means better muscle pumps etc. Nothing to worry about.

Visceral fat is the first to go typically. Most notice this in the upper ab area. A good sign of improved health.


Thanks for the feedback, Chris. Also glad to hear that I seem to be on the right track thus far.

I took measurements early on, but forgot to post them. So here they are, from June 26, 2012:

Neck: 16
Chest (Upper): 46.5
Chest (Lower): 44.5
Waist (Navel): 36.5
Hips: 41
Arms (L +R, flexed): 16.75
Quads: 27.75
Calves: 16
Ankles: 9.5

I’ll take them again Thursday, which is day 14.


Day 16. Don’t have scale weight, but took measurements:

Neck: 16 (unch.)
Chest (Upper): 45.75 (-.75)
Chest (Lower): 43.75 (-.75)
Waist (Navel): 35 (-1.5)
Hips: 39.75 (-1.25)
Arms (L + R, flexed): 16.5 (-.25)
Quads: 27 (-.75)
Calves: 16 (unch.)
Ankles: 9.5 (unch.)

6.25 inches lost since June 27…not bad!


Day 21. Weighed in today…216, which is -5 over 2 weeks (haven’t weighed in since the end of week one). Slower pace, but I’m happy with it, especially because the mirror progress is really good. Total loss so far is -19lbs.

I’m glad this is winding down. This diet has killed my sweet tooth and replaced it entirely with salt cravings…I thought it was supposed to kill all cravings! Also, I am noticing that my workouts consistently mediocre (at best). I’ve bulked and cut many times before (though not on the V Diet) and so I understand that cutting workouts are different/worse…but I’m running on empty halfway through and it takes forever for my batteries to recharge. I have lost some strength, but not an unacceptable amount, so I’m still pleased with that.

HSM tonight. It will be salt based.


Day 25. A few thoughts as the first phase wraps up:

  1. This diet is not easy. If you’re on the fence about doing this, you probably shouldn’t. It takes a lot of dedication, much more so than any cutting or bulking diet I’ve ever done.

  2. You will be sick of protein powder by the end. Honestly, I choke down the shakes now, and it doesn’t matter if they are thick, thin, pudding - it’s the fact that I’ve had nearly nothing but protein for a month and the taste is now nauseating. It is what it is.

  3. If you lift heavy or have a good starting muscle base, your workouts will suffer, but not as much as you might think. I did lose some strength, and my workouts aren’t as enjoyable or intense, but HOT-ROX and Surge mitigate this. As far as cutting diets go, this is definitely the best for preserving muscle mass and maintaining workout intensity.

  4. You will see results. On the front end, the weight loss is a great motivator, and though it does slow down as time goes on, mirror and tape results really pick up. It’s what has kept me going.

  5. I would do this again, had I known at the beginning what I would experience on the diet.