Michael’s VDiet Log - June 2018

I don’t normally social media on the internets but I’m going to follow this plan as prescribed so here is my forum post. I am nearing my 50th birthday next month and I have been working to get back in shape after ballooning up to 265 and 35% BF at 6’. I’ve been making slow and steady progress over the last 12 years but I want a lean, flat stomach on my 50th birthday.

My diet is as near perfect as one can expect in this society. I only eat whole, unprocessed foods, healthy fats, no sugar or alcohol and I try to get everything organic and grassfed. The food is not a concern for me but the workouts are. I’ve been doing a modified steady state workout since Jan 1 that spares my lower back and shoulders.

Anytime I go heavy I injure myself so I’m going to have to really focus on that balance between heavy and healthy. I’m not trying to get big, just lean.

I’m using this week while I wait for the Velocity box to arrive to experiement and find out what my Medium and Heavy loading weights should be for each exercise. I’m starting to transition to a mostly liquid diet now as well to take full advantage of the upcoming 30 days.

I’m supplementing with HOT-ROX, Micro-PA and Alpha Male. I’m optimistic and looking forward to the simplicity of the diet. I’ll probably be getting more calories than I’m taking in now so this should be quite doable for me and I’m willing to put slow and steady aside for now and get a little crazy in order to get those crazy results.

Here are my starting measurements.
Neck - 16”
Shoulders - 48.25”
Chest - 44.25”
Above Navel - 40.75”
Navel - 41.75”
Below Navel - 41.25”
Butt - 42.75”
Thigh - 25.75”
Calf - 15.75”

If you’re going to be investing more cals on this diet than what you’re currently doing, how do you intend to cut more fat more quickly? Just curious - is it via the exercise? Not trying to suggest not to do it, just want to know your thought process here.

This diet/program likely will help you in a number of ways, but I think one of the real benefits for most first time users like me is the kick in the butt and the forced discipline required with respect to your diet. Those are seemingly things you’ve gotten under control already.

By all means, lift instead of doing steadybstate cardio. Leave that type of exercise for distance runners. I find these workouts challenging because of the pace. I’ve been following a 5x5 training program for nearly the past year and so my waiting time between sets is more than halved across the board. I get a good sweat on and the workouts are quick and dirty. All positives.

Find your sweet spots with the weights and figure out if you need to modify anything to avoid injury. Good luck and keep posting.

Thanks, jjdubya. There won’t be a major difference in the number of calories but the velocity regimen is much more structured than what I’m doing now so I’ll get an extra boost from that. I’ll be cutting out my almost daily loaf of fresh sourdough bread for the 30 days so that will take some getting used to.

I’ve prioritized my diet over the last 4 years and have managed to successfully eliminate all cravings and binge eating so the Velocity diet is more of a way to do a concentrated effort before my target date. Kind of like contest prep but for real life.

With Velocity I don’t have to think about anything and T-Nation has been an integral part of my success so this is kind of like a victory lap for me.

Plus, I’ve been making my own cut-rate supplements with whey, casein, BCAAs and dextrose so just the quality of the Biotest supplements will make a difference as well.

Other than that, yes I do plan on upping the intensity of my workouts. I’ve been working out in a way that lets my shoulder heal and keeps my back from tweaking and I’m healthy enough now to push it some.

Thanks for the support!

Because I don’t have to focus on the nutrition aspect of it I feel like I can really dive in and just focus on the work. It’s only 30 days.

Sounds like you’re on the right track, for sure. Good luck with the journey.

Preparation and Planning

I will be doing the Beginners workout routine, swapping out ab wheel and reverse crunches for the planks and Front Squats instead of dumbbell squats. In order to accommodate my history of injury and malnutrition I’ve made the following adaptations:

Front Squats will be done in landmine position
BO Rows with football bar
Romanian Deads with trap bar
Sumo Deads with v-handle in landmine position
Lat Pulldowns with handles and resistance bands
Wide lat pulldowns with lat bar attachment on resistance bands

NEPA - this is what I already do habitually so I may adjust it down depending on my energy levels

Morning - Fasted Gorilla Walks in the Park for 60 - 75 minutes with HotRoxx (Gorilla Walks are like a brisk walk but with much more mindfulness, glute squeezing and gripping of the ground with your feet)
Morning Workouts are followed by a casual bike ride in the park for 30 - 45 min.
A nap sometime after lunch for an hour or two
Another casual bike ride in the afternoon to keep NEPA up and to enjoy the day for 45 - 60 min.
Meditate for about 20 minutes morning and evening
Make continuous posture adjustments throughout the day, focusing on the muscles of the pelvic floor, the lumbar multifidus and TrA to keep them co-contracted as much as possible
Avoid sitting until late afternoon, evening
In bed by 8 -9pm and up by 5 -6am

Instead of taking Flameout with meals or in the morning I will be taking them between meals on an empty stomach with green tea capsules in an effort to boost lipolysis even further.

I won’t be weighing myself as that screws up my eating habits. I’ll possibly do a weigh in at the end but I don’t expect the scale numbers to change all that much. They haven’t for about 2 years now despite a significant change in body comp so I’m not hung up on the scale any more. My primary metrics are the 3 measurements around the waist.

My mental context is optimistic, healthy and well rested. I’m temporarily retired with no cell phone and no significant other and all I have to do for the next month is focus on myself. I do have a granddaughter but she’s my motivation, not an obligation. My head is free and clear and belongs solely to myself. I’ve never been more ready for a diet plan.

I plan to begin with a Ceremonial V-Burn Challenge on Sunday and to kick of the actual Velocity Diet on Monday and track progress on a weekly basis.

As a bonus this counts towards my goal of writing something every day :slight_smile:

HSM Template and Strategy

  • Chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper
  • Russet potato mashed with grass fed greek yogurt and topped with cultured pasture butter
  • Roasted asparagus cooked in olive oil
  • Fresh sauerkraut and a little raw asparagus for the bugs

The chicken breast can be swapped out for an organic grass fed top sirloin, lamb or wild boar meatloaf.

The potato can be swapped out with white rice but I prefer potatoes. I usually cook potatoes or rice all at once and reheat leftovers as needed for increased resistant starch.

Vegetables are currently asparagus, broccoli or kale. This changes seasonally.

I get a variety of anaerobic foods like sauerkraut, raw or fermented jicama, raw or cooked onion, raw asparagus or dandelion greens at every HSM.

Everything is organic to reduce the risk of glyphosate and other pesticide poisoning and to protect the microbes in my colon.

All the meats are organic grass-fed or natural forage because the fatty acid profiles are more conducive to a lean biota.

Everything is cooked in a little coconut or olive oil. Maybe some bacon fat if I’m eating breakfast regularly.

Everything but the resistant starches are prepared fresh from fresh food. I cook my own meals and enjoy it immensely. I set aside enough time to prepare, cook, eat and digest my meals. Everything else in my day is scheduled around meal prep. If I don’t have enough time in the day other things will have to suffer, not my meals. I never go out to eat because it’s a wasted opportunity to do something I love.

Zen cooking and mindful eating makes a big difference in digestion and lets my bugs wring every single shred of nutrient from my food allowing me to be satiated with less.

I only use salt and black pepper for seasoning as I try to avoid wide variations in flavor. Only children need dramatic flavor. As a grown man I have simple appetites and eat simple meals.

Black pepper is essential for overall bioavailability of nutrients. I eat it with everything. I’ll swallow a black pepper corn if I need to.

My food choices are determined solely by the effect the food has on my biota and not any emotional, psychological or sociological factors. A good meal leaves me physically tumescent at the end. Any food (or lifestyle) choices that don’t lead to that are eliminated.

Looks like you have a solid plan of attack! Excellent! I am just starting myself so feel free to check up on me. I’m 51 and 35% body fat so I’m SO ready for this change! All the best to you! :slight_smile:


Officially started the shakes today. Protein shakes that is. My biota is a bit grumpy about the lack of a solid breakfast so I’ve upped my adaptogens to include maca with the rhodiola I’m already taking and that seems to have chilled things out. The Alpha Male has started to have an effect as I’ve got some angry young man going on but the maca chills that too.

I took it easy over the weekend. I’m accustomed to working out every day as I’ve been doing high frequency, low volume workouts for the last three months so I felt a bit listless and idle. I debated the idea of a cheat meal and the bugs and I discussed it for a good part of the day Saturday but nothing really came of it. I polled all of my bugs too. Especially the ones that have traditionally been most vocal. French fries, guys? Some Phish Food, dude? How about you pizza bugs, you got something to say? We’re good they all replied. The poppa bugs reminded me that we’ll be eating chocolate and banana flavored shakes for the next month so that counts as our cheat meal. I agreed.

I did the v-burn workout on Sunday. I thought I would hate it as I tried to convince myself it was too crossfitty and that I didn’t feel like bouncing around like a spaz but I did it and was grateful I did. I’m very inefficient at those types of workouts these days so throwing one in once a week will be good for us.

Now I’m off to slam some plazma and do the fun workout!

I’m still reluctant to go hard and heavy so I’ve dropped weight slightly and upped intensity in hopes of sticking with the original intent of the workout design if not the specific loading parameters. I’ve added a set of banded kb pec flies and added bands to the dumbbell bench press, which I did with kettlebells. I threw in some dips between rounds here and there because my chest really needs work. On the T-Nation scale I’m more Tessa Gurley than Christian Thibaudeau. I’m aiming for the David Bowie look, like I’m fueled primarily by cocaine and androgynous sex.

I also finished off with 5 minutes of ninja walks with a 53lb kettlebell in one hand. Ninja walks are like farmers walks but you pretend you’re a ninja. I put some obstacles out that I have to traverse. Plates, 4x4s, that sort of thing. Makes me focus more and keep good posture with an asymmetric load. Plus I get to be a ninja for a minute.

We’ll see how this impacts my recovery but I worked for a good 25 minutes, which is similar to what I’ve been doing for the last 3 months, albeit at a lower intensity. I feel more satisfied with the workout than I did last week so I’m going to trust my intuition and see how I feel tomorrow.

Oh, and yay PLAZMA!!

Half a week in and going well. Energy levels are a bit down and I’ve cut back a little on my afternoon bike ride but feeling good (it’s also close to 90F in the afternoon these days)

I’m eating the same meals I’ve been eating for months now but my goodnes do they taste so much better after a long day of shakes.

I’ve added a mid-morning shake on the days without a workout but yesterday I eschewed my last shake of the day for early to bed. By 7pm I was finished. In bed and asleep by 8 with a brief wakeup at 11pm before finally waking at 5am refreshed but HUNGRY. The fasted morning walks are what’s really shredding the fat but we do miss breakfast. I’ve upped the amount of anaerobic foods at dinner time and that’s evened out my bowel movements so that they’re at least back to good, but still not the sublime movements I’ve come to expect from my bugs.

Had some doubts this morning about my ability to commit to a good workout but once again Plazma turns the day on it’s ear with that beautiful rush of energy. Went harder than Monday but skipped the farmers walks at the end. I have to remind myself it’s only week one.

The mirror already has nice things to say. I’m quite pleased with my prep for this diet.

Almost a full week in and time for measurements. The scale went from 205.6 to 199.6. The omron reading went from 17% to 12% bf. Based on my calcs, (which are prolly wrong, can’t brain well), I lost 10 lbs of fat and gained 5ish lbs of lean. I also noticed I lose fat from the top down and the bottom up. Which makes all this crap in the middle close to 30 years old and stubborn as hell.

I’ve been doing my fasted walks in the morning and then drinking my breakfast shake. For week 2 I’m going to try doing my shake first and then walking. Should still be fasted since I’m constantly hungry these days, even while eating my HSM and there shouldn’t be an insulin spike to interfere with the yohimbine in the Hot Roxx.

Other than that, no changes to the plan.

Neck - 16 - NC
Shoulders - 47 (-1.25)
Chest - 44.5 (+.25)
Above Navel - 39 (-1.75)
Navel - 40.25 (-1.5)
Below Navel - 41 (-.25)
Butt - 41 (-1.75)
Thigh - 25 (-.75)
Calf - 15.75 NC

Starting to hit my stride in week 2. I’ve stopped watching the clock and waiting for dinnner time. My biota has accepted that this is just how things are now and my daily energy has stabilized. I’ve switched to more sedentary pursuits to pass the time, which seems to have helped the energy flux. I did skip the vburn challenge this weekend but my regular workouts are really hitting the mark.

I realized my shoulder measurements were wrong and the omron is horribly inconsistent but I’m still seeing progress nearly every day.

The best part of this diet is not having to think about what I’m eating or when. So much daily energy is wasted on debating my food choices. I’m going to have to figure out a good maintenance diet after this is over.

2nd week is done. This last week was easier than week one but the results weren’t as dramatic as the first measurements but still making progress.

Weight 199.4
Neck - 16
Chest - 43.75
Above Navel - 38.5
Navel - 39.75
Below Navel - 40
Waist - 37.75
Butt - 41
Thigh - 25
Calf - 15.25

I remember these things I used to eat, I called them sandwiches. Two thick slices of fresh sourdough bread, black truffle goat cheese, a mound of grassfed roast beef topped with onions, microgreens or sprouts and fresh tomato topped off by a monstrous line of sauerkraut. Black pepper. Yeah, I remember those.

Week 3 has turned out to be the most challenging so far. No end in sight, constant hunger, even the HSM has ceased to provide more than a brief respite. The results however are kind of blowing my mind.

I’ve switched to fasted walks in the morning and then again after the lunch shake with a bike ride only on non-workout days. I’m at the bottom end of my energy flux and have been going to bed by 7-7:30. But I wake up refreshed and am ready for the next fasted walk.

My HSM had started to creep up in size in week 2 but that’s dropped back down to normal in week 3. I’ve even debated replacing an HSM with a shake once or twice. With this kind of progress and still a week to go I don’t think I’ll need to. I’ve never been on a plan that’s resulted in such consistent progress. Even the scale is moving in the right direction.

Week 3 is finally behind me and my mental outlook is much better today. Week 3 was dark and difficult but I’m in the homestretch now. Starting to develop my transition plan back to my normal lifestyle so I don’t end up eating like a jackass next week.

Still making steady progress, here are the latest measurements.

Weight 197.0
BF% - 13.6%
Neck - 16
Chest - 43.25
Above Navel - 37.75
Navel - 38.25
Below Navel - 39.5
Waist - 37.75
Butt - 41
Thigh - 25.5
Calf 15.75

Congrats on toughing it out so far. What is your plan once the diet is over? You mentioned a maintenance plan. Are you trying to stay wherever the scale lands you at the end? Any structured programs for after?

Why, thank you, Nightfall! Now that I’ve got the hang of energy management I’ve been able to really start to bear down this week and wring every fat cell out of this diet.

I expect to gain some weight back once I start eating regularly again but I’ll keep at the lower scale weight through the end of summer and then work on putting on muscle next year.

As for this week, once the Metabolic Drive runs out the diet is over. I will probably not be quite where I want to be but I can let lifestyle work the last of the fat off. I’ll be keeping the HOT-ROX fasted walks for a while but I’ll be adding breakfast and lunch back in. Maybe a mid-afternoon snack. I’ll be keeping the workouts for a couple of more months too. Those work for me.

The first full day after the diet ends I’ll probably go out for dinner and get something different as a punctuation mark, not as a celebration. It will probably be pizza. Fortunately I’ve been working on changing my lifestyle so I just have to essentially go back to a normal diet. But I kinda do want pizza.

I will then switch to maintenance mode where I eat just enough and scale back my workouts through the holidays (and enjoy being thin) and then beginning in the new year I will start a program to add some size to chest, shoulders and arms. I’ll be able to switch to a weekly caloric surplus for the first time in years and I gain muscle fairly easily if I don’t get injured so I should be able to get to exactly where I want to be by next summer. I want to base my proporations off my waistline so once I can see that I’ll know what kind of work I have to do.

Day 28 and I drank the last of the Metabolic Drive before my last official walk of the diet. My belly has been rumbling all morning as I’ve decided to break diet with lunch today. Decided to skip the pizza and just go with a sandwich and a LOT of fresh berries. Gone shopping and now we just have to wait until lunch.

Anyway, as per my final measurements today I’m down 17 lbs, 11 of that was fat and I took an average of 4.4” off my belly. I still have an inch or two to go but there’s plenty of summer left and I have nothing to do but play in the sun. I even have another 10 days till my target date so I’m very pleased with the results.

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Congrats on your progress and success. Those results are amazing.

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